The Scriptures

When we write the word “Scriptures” we mean the Hebrew and Greek sections of the Bible.

It is this book, a combination of both the Hebrew and Greek preserved Scriptures, which gives us the secrets to the past, present and the future.

Need good health, study the Scriptures.

Need good finances, study the Scriptures.

Need a great family life, study the Scriptures.

In fact, any subject area of your life that needs improving, study the Scriptures.

However, there is obviously one other important part to this. It is not enough to just “study the Scriptures”. One must not only study, but one must do what is learned from these Scriptures. As someone once said, “knowledge is useless without action”. And, that is just as true with the Scriptures as it is with any other book.

In this section about The Scriptures we will present information from as many directions as possible, such as:

Canonization of the Scriptures, History of the Scriptures, Prophecy and How to Understand it, How to Learn and Use the Hebrew and Greek languages of the Scriptures, a Harmony of the life of the Messiah, and many many more topics.

So, please pull up a chair, relax, and start to learn about the most effective book ever produced.

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