Worldwide CofG, Sacred Name Groups, Christianity — Can They Understand Biblical Prophecy?

Why ALL the WWCG groups, and the Rest of Christianity CANNOT Understand Prophecy Correctly.

Over the past hundred years many groups have tried to predict future events from Bible Prophecy. Virtually all have failed.


At the moment I have 40, FORTY, listed reasons why they cannot understand Biblical Prophecy Accurately.

On the other hand, I have hit several events from Biblical Prophecy, and accurately, and within the correct time frame.

That being said, does that mean:

1. That I am somebody special?
2. That I am a prophet?
3. That I know more than everybody else?

The answer to all three is a dogmatic “NO!!”

However, what it does mean is this. Somehow I have been blessed to discover, or be given, a combination of understandings that have helped me call these prophecies. Not what I saw in a vision, dream, or heard by some still small voice, or was given by any “messenger” from YHWH.

All that has been reported is simply what the Bible itself claims would happen. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, what are those understandings I’ve discovered? They are part of the FORTY reasons why the WWCG and other Christian groups cannot understand prophecy. By the way, this list at forty reasons is still not completed yet. We’ll update the list from time to time.

Let’s begin a listing of those discoveries for you. They might begin to help you to see through the fog and begin understanding prophecy also. Let’s see:

1. Right at the top of the list is this one: ALL these groups, with very few exceptions, IGNORE and DEMEAN the Name of the Father and His Son.

It should be obvious that they will not reveal hidden information to someone who does not KNOW them. Remember Mt. 25 and the ten virgins. In response to some of them we find…

But he answered, and said, “Verily, verily I say unto you, I KNOW YOU NOT.” Why?

2. All these groups use “old, outdated” human reasoning for explaining Daniel, Revelation and the other prophetic writings. Daniel said these things wouldn’t be revealed until the proper time and only to the WISE. Using the teachings of the church “fathers” and old teachers before the time Daniel spoke of gives wrong results. Dan. 12: 9-10

3. They do not understand and use what Zechariah teaches us. Don’t forget the “former PROPHETS.” In fact, most of them don’t seem to know these particular writings are prophetic. They think they are just history. Zech. 1:4; 7:7

4. They do not understand when and what the “end time” is. There are several terms used in Scripture about the end of days. They are not all referring to the same exact time.

5. They are STUCK on the wrong understanding of “hold fast” to what you HAVE. Jude 3.

6. They do not seem to understand that it is only the WISE that will understand and that the WISE will not appear until after May 14/15, 1948. All teachings before then are inaccurate, and only “new” understanding that comes after that date will be accurate. Assuming the proper methods are followed.

7. They do not quite grasp that the prophetic information will be released gradually, and systematically. And, that prophetic events do not hit full force at the time they are to appear. They start small, just ahead of the time, and grow.

8. They do not understand the meaning of “this” generation, and how it applies and fits into our day today. Nor why it fits.

9. They do not understand the 4 CYCLES of the end time chronology, and how it fits with “this” generation in prophecy.

10. They do not understand how and where and when the New Testament books, along with other Bible writings, FIT into the pattern of “this” generation.

11. They don’t understand the PATTERNS in the Apokalypsis, or Revelation.

12. They don’t understand the messages to the 7 ecclesias in Revelation. They misread who these messages are sent TO.

13. They do not understand the rebuilding of the Temple on the Mt. of Olives, or why? On this one, a very few now seem to grasp some of it.

14. They do not understand the relationship of the Prime Ministers of Israel with the Judges of Ancient Israel mentioned in the “former prophets.”

15. They are stuck on the “calculated” calendar developed in Babylon. The Biblical calendar, i.e. one of the Oracles given to the Jews, is not the calculated calendar.

16. They use Malachi’s “Elijah” as the next important thing or event to occur. This is based on the wrong order of the manuscripts. “Go Up” is the last command of the OT, not the appearance of “Elijah.”

17. They do not believe, or understand Psalm 83, which has never occured in history yet.

18. They do not seem to understand that prophecy is “LAND oriented” and not totally people oriented.

19. They do not know or understand about the “goddess religion” and it’s control over the world. They think Rev. 13 is speaking of the RCC. It is not.

20. They do not understand the THREE locations of “Babylon” that is destroyed in the third location. Rev. 18.

21. They do not know who are the TWO WITNESSES.

22. They do not know who the “Elijah” to come is. HWA is not that Elijah.

23. They do not understand Mt. 24:36. “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not even the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”

24. They do not know about nor understand the “time gaps” between the four Kings of Daniel described in Dan. 2. Because of that, they do not know that right now we are in a “time gap” between the end of the 6,000 year ideal chronology and the next millennium.

25. They refuse to study and learn and work with the Bible languages. They mainly use English and Strong’s.

26. They do not understand how, nor seem to care about translating into English in what I call the “mirror image” method.

27. They do not understand the FIVE eons listed in the Bible.

28. They do not know, nor understand, nor use, in most cases if not all, the “speedlearning” secret to learning Bible subjects (doctrines).

29. They do not understand and are confused by the words “forever”, “eternal”, “age”, etc. from the Hebrew word OLAM, and the Greek AION and its forms.

30. The WCG & splinters, for the most part do not know that the “Anglo-Israel” doctrine has mislead them in prophecy.

31. They do not know nor understand that ASSYRIA is to be revived in our day. They think it is the Roman Empire.

32. They live in “fear” all the time. They don’t seem to believe that “perfect love casts out fear.” Because of this they will not, and cannot listen to more “advanced” teaching. Fear bespeaks weakness and doubt.

33. They do not know nor understand what the “place of safety” is. It is not Petra.

34. They do not know, nor understand that the book of Revelation, Apokalypsis in Greek, was the first book ever written, not Genesis. It is the OUTLINE of YHWH’s overall plan from which all the prophets quote. Revelation is not quoting the OT prophets, they are quoting from Revelation.

35. They do not seem to know nor understand the THREE generations that overlap to form “this generation” from a prophetic point of view. From this we also learn,

36. They do not know nor understand that when it says, “unless these days be shortened no flesh would be saved alive” that that time has already been shortened. No. 35 above, tells us by how much.

37. They do not know nor understand that some of the prophecies they say are for the millennium are in fact for “this generation” we are living in right now.

38. They do not know nor understand about the Messiah’s name being “blotted out” of Israel, and the ramifications of that for our day.

39. They do not know nor understand how many is meant in the expression “about 120 disciples” in the book of Acts. This expression gives us clues about the whole organizational structure of the body of the Messiah and how it operated, even while He was with His disciples.

40. They do not know nor understand the books of the Bible are to be read, not only in a certain order, and according to a certain year, but as if it was written in “this generation” right now for this last generation. We must read it, for example, as if we just received a letter today from Paul, or Peter, or John, or just received Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, today. And, that it is all being spoken LIVE to US now. For we are “this generation” that all this applies to.

If we read the Bible as if it is ancient history and ancient prophecy, we will never properly understand it, doctrine, prophecy, conduct, mission, or whatever. It must be read as only pertaining to us, and just now sent to us to read for the “first” time.

Finally, 40 is not the limit to all the information we are being given today. But, to say the least, it is a wonderful start. Or, as the commercials on TV would say, “But wait….. there’s MORE!”

Truly, that statement was made for us, for MORE is on the way.

Questions for YOU:

1. Are YOU sure you should be here?
2. Are YOU sure you should be given this information?
3. Are YOU sure you are qualified to receive it?
4. Now, what are YOU going to do with the information?
5. What are your FRUITS to classify you as the WISE that are the only ones Daniel said would understand this information and be given the information?

Are YOU, then, a bona fide son or daughter of YHWH, or a Simon Magus? Be careful what YOU answer.