A-theism, Evolution and Science “So-called.” — Are They What They Claim?

“50” Reasons A-theism is Stupid, Childish, Foolish, and Devoid of Understanding.

These arguments are taken from the book “The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved In 50 Arguments“.

The book was written in the late 1800’s. A-theists will profess they can answer all of these arguments, and they can. But, the only way they can do that is by changing the definition of the words they use, the words science uses, and the words theĀ  book uses.

In addition to that they will “snow job” the arguments with fancy “scientific language” designed to confuse the ordinary person. In other words, they will claim a lot, but in actual fact, prove absolutely nothing. This use of language is called “deception.”

So, let’s list the 50 arguments. After that, we will periodically update the list with additional arguments as required. In addition to that, we will present each argument serparately and update any facts presented to current understanding. That generally means updating the numbers used in statistics, etc. because of over a hundred years being added to the base of 1800-1900 years used at the time of writing. We are now in time after 2,000 years.

PART ONE: Evolution of the Human Body

The Unity of the Human Race

1. The Population of the World.

2. The Unity of Languages

3. Religions

4. Place of the Origin of Man

5. Civilizations

6. The Mendelian Inheritance Law

7. Biometry

8. No New Species Now

9. Mathematical Probability

10. The Age of the Earth

11. Geology and History

12. Geographical Distribution

13. YHWH Not Absent Nor Inactive

14. Chance or Design?

15. Evolution A-theistic

16. Brute Descent Impossible

17. Eight Impassable Gulfs

18. Ancestral Apes and Monkeys

19. A Staggering Speculation

20. Sex

21. Man Hairless and Tailless

22. Hybrids

23. The Instinct of Animals

24. Special Creation: Gen. I

25. Analogy; Mathematics, Laws

26. Desperate Arguments

27. Twenty Objections Admitted

28. Scientists Condemn Evolution

PART TWO: Evidence Answered

29. Paleontology

30. Confessed Collapse of Proof

31. Pictures in Caverns

32. Vestigial Organs

33. Serology, or Blood Tests

34. Embryology


35. The Origin of the Soul

36. Personality

37. Intellect, Emotions and Will

38. Conscience

40. Spirituality

41. The Hope of Immortality

42. Sin

43. Redemption

44. Evolution Aids Infidelity and A-theism

45. Evolution Wars With Christianity

46. Camouflage of Terms

47. What Are We to Believe?

48. What Can We Do?

49. Problems for Review

50 The Supremacy of Yahshua

As mentioned, we will add to each argument whatever is necessary to bring it up to date with more modern examples if it appears that would help. And, certain Biblical topics will also be commented on as seems appropriate.

Each argument, as I said, will be presented in whole, as a separate blog post. Along with that, will be our commentary on the various topics presented in the book.

“Evolution is the old heathen doctrine of chance. It professes to eliminate design and a personal active Creator.”