Money back guarantee! Try for 90 days and if you aren’t satisfied, return for full refund, no questions asked!” After you’ve already paid for it up front.

Does that sound familiar to you? Ever watched those TV ads that present a new exercise program every week, or so it seems? Well, so have I.

I hate exercise. I don’t like to do exercise. And, after several decades of physical training and study, after decades of martial arts training, and more, I still hate exercise. UNTIL NOW!

Are YOU killing yourself with too little activity? Are YOU limiting your body by absolutely avoiding all needed body movement? Are YOU losing your flexibility and mobility? Well, now you can do something about it. And, based on the following report, you need to do something NOW. Take a look.

Physical inactivity kills 5 million a year: report


Let me tell you a little story.

As a teenager in England back in the 1950’s, I decided I needed to be stronger. So, I sent for a couple exercise programs, you know, lessons through the mail. After a few weeks I stopped.

Then I found a book in 1955, or 1956, that really peaked my interest. I promised myself I’d learn the full system presented in the book. I didn’t. Not because it wasn’t an excellent system, it was. In fact, over the decades I’ve tried to “finish” learning the system. I haven’t. Why? I hate exercise. No matter how much I tell myself how good it is for me, I hate it. And, I’ve discovered that most people do too, to one degree or another.

In the meantime, as I got older, I studied more about health. And, I’ve taught people proper body mechanics and principles since 1969. Plus, I’ve practiced martial arts since 1956. I started “learning from a book” in 1956, which led to Judo instruction from teachers at the Budokwai in London. This led me later to the top three or four martial artists in the world. That is, in the arts I wanted to learn. They are my lineage in the field.

I’ve taught health practices at our local community college and the local university. Plus, a local massage school in the 1990’s.
On top of all that, I’ve taken formal instruction in other health enhancing disciplines.

From all that experience and training, I’ve learned a lot about human nature and health AND exercise. People do not like to exercise. They prefer to sit in the stands and watch others do that.

Over the years, I’ve helped people overcome many things, sometimes almost instantly. Simple things, but potentially debilitating things. For instance, headaches.

This brings up “my” fastest success ever. One of my students came to class with a splitting headache, and told me she didn’t think she could stay for the class. I asked why, and she explained “the PAIN!” So, I asked if she was open to some suggestion. YES – she said. So, I told her what to do. Well, she followed the instructions to the letter, and the results blew me away. She did just the first step, and looked at me with surprise and said, with the appropriate relief in her voice, “It’s GONE!” The whole thing took her maybe two to five seconds. Wow! That surprised even me.

Now, I could go on and fill a book explaining successes like this, but that is not the point. The point is to show that I have some experience and background in the health and exercise field.


After all these years, fifty-six to be exact, since 1956, I still felt something was missing. And, now, I know it was missing, and what. That is, what was missing for me. Remember, I hate exercise. What I do now is a “habit” of movement. I call it the “V.I.P. HABIT.”

A few weeks ago I was trying to go to sleep, but my mind kept going like a rocket ship. It just wouldn’t shut down. I had on my mind a question about exercise. An exercise program to be exact. The Muller “My System of Fifteen Minutes A Day” exercise program. This was the system I found in 1956. For decades I wanted to learn it completely, but never could make myself do it. And, I wanted to know why.

Anyway, as I lay there trying to go to sleep, I could visualize the exercises I had learned. Plus, I was trying to visualize an exercise that would combine ALL the principles I had learned over the decades. Well, not all of them, but the ones I believed were the most important. No one, to my knowledge, had tried to deliberately combine these in one exercise. Each trainer I knew, or knew of, specialized in one or the other principle, and paid little attention to the rest.


What I wanted to do was find an exercise, or exercise program, that I would do, whether anyone else liked it or not. One that worked as planned, was easy to learn and easy to do EVERY DAY. An exercise that could be very simple for the beginner, and very effective for even the professional athlete. An exercise, or program, that a child could learn and do, or a man or woman of 70-110 could learn and do. And, an exercise, or program, that did not take much time every day. Long story short? I believe I have found the answer. And, it is NOT an “exercise” in the normal sense of the word.

When all those “combined” principles came together in my mind I could visualize what the body movement would look like. Needless to say, I jumped out of bed, went to the living room and tried it out. Just once and I LOVED IT! Frankly, I am hoping YOU will love it too.
Now, let’s look at the “principles” this exercise is based upon.


1. It is based on the motion used by one of the longest lived professions. That is, a person in this profession lives longer than most other professions we know of in the world. The profession? Conductors of orchestras. They are constantly moving their arms.
2. The movement must absolutely increase the flow of lymphatic fluid through the body. And, dramatically.
3. The movement must increase and maintain total flexibility of the body. All joints and especially the spine must be included. Flexibility is absolutely required for an active “VIP” experience.
4. The movement must emphasize the CORE of the body. That is, the inner and vital organs must be constantly “massaged and exercised” to keep them happy.
5. The movement must strengthen the second heart of the body. Without that second heart the body weakens and loses vibrancy. What is the second heart? The legs.

Well, those are the five main principles this body movement is based upon. Of course, there are other principles involved, but we will bring those out in the future “lessons” as we progress.


There is a rule of thumb that must absolutely be followed in activating this habit of movement in one’s life. I cannot stress its importance enough. Read this over and over again until you really get it.


What do I mean by that? Well, it’s simple. NEVER do any movement to the point that you get sore. If you do, you have gone beyond the pain, and have not stayed behind it.

An example is this. If one starts with five repetitions and one has any pain the following day in the muscles somewhere, then STEP back to 2, 3 or 4 repetitions. Do that amount only until the movement is done smoothly and freely. Then add a repetition. When that is easy and comfortable, add another, and another, until you reach the tone of the body you feel is best for you.

If you do what the rest of the world teaches, let me tell you, you will pay for it in your later years. Slow and gradual is better than fast and painful. Painful means you have damaged something in the body. Usually it is taught that this comes from destroying cells, and then they grow back stronger. They do. BUT, you will pay for that in your later years.


I call it the “V.I.P. HABIT.” That is, the Vastly Improved Person HABIT. So, let’s introduce it this way.

First, you only need 1 to 2 minutes of it a day to maintain basic tone in the body. However, if one is into sports, etc., then this can be increased to 20, 30 or more minutes. There is no limit.

Secondly, the HABIT is done slowly, very slowly in the first set. Then, a second set is done rapidly. For instance, I personally began with eight slow repetitions, followed by eight fast repetitions. Beginners, depending on age and condition, can begin with just the slow. And, just one repetition if age requires that.

This movement is not an “exercise” in the sense of jumping jacks, then going to pushups, then chin ups, etc. It is ONE single FLOWING movement. The way the body habitually moves. But a movement most never stop to analyze. Once it is mastered, one can add some modifications for added difficulty, but it is still the same ONE single FLOWING HABIT of movement.

Thirdly, while doing the movement the weight shifts from one foot to the other a full 100%. No split weight.

Fourthly, deep breathing is done with the movement, and the breath is NEVER EVER held. The breath is a flowing continuous inhale/exhale through the nose.

The inhales and exhales are coordinated with the movement of the body. Up and backward is an inhale, forward and down is an exhale. All one single continuous movement.

As one moves, the joints of the body, from spine to fingers are flexed back and forth, and from open to closed.

Well, there you have a general, very general overview of this ONE “HABIT” DOES ALL movement.

Now, let’s do something different! Let’s explain how you can get the V.I.P. HABIT and what it will cost you. Ah, you say, “Now comes the catch, the sales pitch, and I haven’t even seen it yet.” Well, you are right. But, this is not going to be a sales pitch like you are familiar with. It is going to be a combined “agreement” between you and me. And, here it is….


Remember the opening about the 100% refund guarantee at the beginning of this article? Well, we’re going to reverse that. You, and you alone are going to give me a guarantee. And, here it is.

“If I watch the exercise information I promise I WILL use it. [One cannot tell if something like this is worthwhile by just looking. It is imperative to actually DO IT in order to make a decision.]
Further, I promise to give it an honest evaluation for one month or more. At the end of that time period I promise the following:

1. If I don’t like it and get no results I will do nothing.
2. If I do get the results I like I will tell my friends to get and try it too. And, I will tell them what their “guarantee” must be also.
3. Further, I PERSONALLY will decide what the exercise is worth to ME.

That means then, Whatever YOU decide, you will send according to the instructions included with the information.

In other words, all you need do is, DO the V.I.P. HABIT.

That’s it. I am giving you the V.I.P. HABIT method, and will let you decide what the value should be. Further, IF you like it, and use it, and get results, but cannot afford to send anything, that’s fine. In such a case, maybe you could send an email explaining how you have benefited from it.

Why am I doing it this way? First, I believe the V.I.P. HABIT will help anyone, not just me. I don’t believe I should restrict the ability of anyone from having it if they so desire. And, I believe deeply in the Biblical statement that it is “more blessed to give than to receive.” Thus, any giving that is returned will be used in expanding the work of this website so we can instruct and help others around the world.


Of course, I am the one who “visualized” and conceived of the V.I.P. HABIT. My results so far are these. I do it every day now. I feel like I stand a little taller. My body feels better internally. I enjoy doing the V.I.P. HABIT. I’m losing weight without worrying about a diet. And, I’m doing 32 repetitions a day. That’s just three minutes for me. I don’t suggest anyone start with that number. Just 1-5 repetitions to start with.

OK, that’s it for now. If you now wish to see the first videos, just click on the “Blogs” tab at the top of the page and then click on “The V.I.P, HABIT.” Have fun and enjoy.

Finally, I encourage you to be happy, healthy and terrific.
Robert Petry