LESSON TWO — Mastering the Bible: Opening the Seven Words.

LESSON TWO — Mastering the Bible: Opening the Seven Words.

You have learned the SEVEN WORDS that open the Bible to our understanding. NOW, It’s time to begin using them.

May I mention first that each word OPENS to an unlimited depth. Open one word and it leads to another chart, and another and another. Each opening will reveal to YOU concepts and understanding that you might have thought impossible before. But, remember this. You are finally learning the method the Father used to produce His Word for our UNDERSTANDING. A book based on the number 7. The EASIEST number of items for the mind to remember and work with as a time. A truly wonderful and marvelous system.

Let’s review for the moment these SEVEN WORDS:


Now, let’s open up the Bible with these SEVEN WORDS. If we open all SEVEN together we get a NEW chart. In this case, the PROPER and CORRECT sections of the Bible. The Bible is divided into SEVEN major parts. If one does not know what they are, and what the order is, then one cannot properly understand the Bible. Remember, one must have a proper FOUNDATION for a building to stand. And, the building must be constructed as the BLUEPRINTS require. We are now going to look at the OVERALL BLUEPRINT of how the Bible was constructed. Or, as the KJV says, the PATTERN. Here then are the SEVEN SECTIONS of the Bible that show up when we open the SEVEN KEY WORDS.

1. The LAW
7. The APOKALYPSIS [Revelation]

Notice what SECTION is at the number 4 position. The books that describe the Messiah and His actions on earth. The very CENTRAL section of the Bible. And, again, the FOUNDATION of the other SIX SECTIONS.

Ok, take a look now at the new chart. See how it would fit under chart one?

Want to use your creative imagination a moment? Good, let’s do just that.
Take a look at the first position on the chart, the hand position. It says, BERESHITH. Now, IMAGINE you are looking at an animation on your computer. You know, like an iPAD. Touch your finger on BERESHITH to see what happens. The word opens up to reveal a ONE position chart under it. An odd number. What is the WORD you now see? LAW. Well, now touch LAW on your screen and what happens? Why, the word LAW would open up to reveal a 5 point chart. What would that chart have in those 5 points? Well, take a look:


See how this method works? You might want to think about this. The Scriptures tell us to have the MIND of YHWH and the Messiah in various ways. Well, what do you think we are lookiing at when ALL the charts for the Bible are opened? Well, take a look at a photograph of the connections in the brain of man. Recognize anything?

Ok, now take a look at the video for this lesson: LESSON TWO — Opening the SEVEN Words.

FIRST LESSON — Mastering the Bible: The FOUNDATION

FIRST LESSON — Mastering the Bible: The FOUNDATION

Now, we know the basics. Those really difficult charts, the three sets of questions, the three basics and the two methods of counting to seven. That was really difficult wasn’t it?

OK, let’s now get into the Bible itself.

WHY are YOU here reading and watching these videos? If it is just because you are curious and want your ears scratched, well, then, you probably won’t learn much. But, you will learn more than the majority of people on planet earth.

However, if you are serious in wanting to Master the Bible, you are at the right place and the right time in history. It’s time for the WISE of Daniel 12:10 to appear on the scene. A group of individuals that are true experts and scholars on the Bible.

What that means is this: Real experts and scholars of this book KNOW what it actually says, and they UNDERSTAND what it means. One of those individuals could be YOU.
Let me give you a “warning” though. No matter how simple, easy and informative this information is, if you are not one of the WISE, you will not be able to grasp the full meaning of what you are being shown.

A new point: MOST of the charts we will use, and learn to develop, will always use odd numbers. Such as, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. The maximum chart will only have 9 locations. The majority of them will be 7. The smaller numbered charts will appear as they show up.

Here in our first chart there are only 3 locations. It is the “tripod” so to speak for understanding all of Bible. [Click on chart to enlarge it.]

The chart is based on this Scripture:

“And are built upon the
Yahshua Anointed himself being the
CHIEF CORNERSTONE.” — Ephesians 2:19, 20-22

This first chart illustrates the basic method of using our “charts.” By the way, after a time you won’t need the charts, it will all be in your head and you can use them “on the fly” so to speak.

Notice that the HEAD of the chart is the Messiah. You will find that in all the charts to come, that position always relates directly or indirectly to Him. He is the Cornerstone which the builders have rejected.

Also, notice the chart has 3 locations. And, notice that two of these foundation stones are the APOSTLES and the PROPHETS. That is, both the Hebrew Scriptures [Old Testament] and the Greek Scriptures [New Testament] with both supported by and resting upon the Messiah.

EVERYTHING in the Bible is based on this three point chart.

Further notice this principle: The location of the APOSTLES and PROPHETS are side by side. In other words, they compliment each other. In this case each side explains the other side. You will notice this same important feature in all the charts to come. The opposites always help expand, explain or clarify the opposite side.

Now, what is the FOUNDATION for understanding the whole Bible from beginning to end?

The APOSTLES and the PROPHETS supported by the Messiah, the head of the body, and the LIVING WORD. He is the cornerstone.

OK, take a look now at the accompanying video.

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1st LESSON — The FOUNDATION from Bob Petry on Vimeo.