The 14 Basic Lies Used to Program People into Believing in Evolution.

These lies are not to be blamed on a single individual. The many men and women in early “science” came to a “consensus” that these were valid statements. However, they are lies.

Everyone seems to know about the famous Scopes Trial. Well, the adviser to the evolution side was a geologist named Kirtley F. Mather, Professor of Geology in Harvard University.

The decision in the case was based directly, or indirectly on these lies. But, strangely, we never hear about them. At the time these lies came to be accepted as fact, and used to deceive others into the teaching of evolution. Do an Internet search using Mr. Mather’s name and you can read about his influence in the case. Now, to the lies:

1. “The geologist believes that man is child of Old Mother Earth.” [This is the title of Mr. Mather’s book, published in 1929.] “Again, in the picturesque language of the literature of ancient Palestine, as recorded in the book of Genesis, the patriarchs described man as formed of the dust of the ground. To them, as to us, man was an offspring of the earth; the earth was his mother.”

2. “Over its FLAT surface was arched the solid firmament of the heavens; around or above it, moved the sun, moon and stars; but modern astronomy has removed the earth very far from that position of prime importance and central splendor.”

3. “In very truth, the earth is merely a third-rate planet in a second-rate system belonging to one of many assemblages of stars.

4. “Neither the sun nor the earth occupies a central position in the known universe.” [Yet they say no matter where an observer stands, it appears he is in the center.]

5. “The history of this planet in the solar system must be measured in units of hundreds of millions of years.” but he goes on “Just how many of those units are involved in the earth’s past we CANNOT tell with exactness, but in all PROBABILITY they will aggregate at least a billion years.” [That PROBABILITY has changed several times since the 1920’s.]

6. “Man is a young species of ANIMAL.”

7. “There are ,to be sure, extinct species of genus homo, of mankind, which go back hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million years, but that is another story.”

8. With considerable optimism we reach the conclusion that the golden age for Homo sapiens is in the future rather than in the past; that mankind is now in a state of youthful plasticity; that human nature is not yet definitely determined.”

9. “We must therefore get well acquainted with Old Mother Earth and her MOODS.” [A first glimpse of the “goddess religion” followed by science and a-theism.]

10. “Such displays of natural force are necessary to make the earth the pleasant abode for man which we find it to be to-day.” [Goes against their claim that earthquakes, etc. are from an EVIL G-D.]

11. Man accused of climate change. By…guess what? “There have been no changes in the climate during that time; it is not so much a matter of deforestation; it is in large part the building of dikes and levees themselves. Man is to blame.” i.e blamed for floods.

12. “But Old Mother Earth is a very wise mother. Not only does she CHALLENGE man to solve the problems which she sets for him, she also WHISPERS suggestions as to the method of solution.” [So, the “goddess” thinks and is wise? But not the Creator?]

13. “Knowledge thus gained has made man powerful. The last half century especially has witnessed much progress in the task of ‘subduing’ the earth.”

14. “Trusting to Providence or trusting to luck that I will not be harmed are two of our commonest iniquities.”

Taken from Chapter One, Old Mother Earth, pps. 3-13. On the surface these lies seem so right, so good, so human. But, each one is built on a totally false assumption, premise and CONSENSUS.

How the A-theist Proves YHWH Exists (Part 2)

The a-theist is an interesting person. He or she believes there is no proof the Bible is true, or that YHWH exists. Yet, if they were to look into the mirror, right there in front of their eyes is LIVING proof that both are true, beyond any doubt TRUE!

How could that be? It’s simple. Just put on your thinking cap and it becomes obvious. Paul, under inspiration, wrote around 2,000 years ago, note TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO, that the proof needed was IN the a-theist. That is, those who do not believe in the Bible or the Creator. Again, how could that be?

Well, even further back it was written inĀ  Psalms 14:1, that the FOOL says in his heart there is no Elohim. Here’s the funny part. When those statements, Paul’s and Psalms, were written there were no such persons in recorded history like that. People were criticized then for not believing in a particular “god” not in NO “god.” So, according to Bible prophecy, sure enough, in “modern” times the a-theist spoken of by Psalms and Paul finally showed up. Right when predicted, in the “end” days, our days. Now, here’s what’s unique about the a-theist. They cannot do other than what the Bible says they will do, and what they ARE. It is impossible. By mental programming, they are caused to do exactly what the Scriptures say of them. What’s exciting about that is this: the verses were written thousands of years before the modern day militant a-theist showed up. But, like clockwork, and as described and as predicted, they are here now.

So, watch the a-theist. Watch their attitudes. Watch how they act. Notice what they write, say, speak and argue about. Above all watch how they do it, that is, in what mental attitude. And, what will you see, every time? Why, exactly what was predicted they would do. They cannot do otherwise. Why? Because, the Creator is in charge, He said He would program them to fulfill Scriptures written a minimum of 2,000 years before our modern day a-theist was to appear. Because they are controlled by these verses, it is now easy to see the proof of the Bible and the proof Elohim exists.

Watch an a-theist, compare what they do and say with the now, over 100 verses listed, and see how programmed they are to do these verses. They don’t even have to think about it. They just do it, every time. This is why the Father caused the Apostle Paul to write, paraphrased: “Everything you ever wanted to know about proving the Bible true, and the existence of YHWH is IN the a-theist. You want proof, look to the a-theist. He/she is the daily, living proof.” Just think of the humor and irony here. The very person who thinks he/she has disproved the Bible and YHWH is all the proof needed. Only YHWH, the Creator, could pull this off over thousands of years. No man writing those things has such power.

A-theists? The PROOF the Bible is true. A-theists? The PROOF YHWH exists.

And, they do an exceptional job, don’t you think? But, of course, it’s easy for them. They have been and are programmed, just like an assembly line robotic arm soldering an auto body. Zap, zap, zap. True, true, true.

61. …but the impious SCORN sagacity and intelligence. 1:7
62. … and these men trap themselves in death, ’tis their own lives they ambush. 1:18
63. O HEEDLESS ONES how long will you choose to be heedless, and SCOFFERS delight in scoffing, and SENSELESS folk hate knowledge? 1:22
64. …they will call, but I will never answer, then they may seek, but never shall they find me. 1:28 [Ever notice unanswered prayer is one of the “main” proofs the a-theist offers against YHWH? Well, that is absolute proof He does exist. He doesn’t and will not answer them, just as He said here! Every time they make the unanswered prayer statement they prove YHWH exists and keeps His word!!]
65. They would have none of my counsel, but DESPISED every warning of mine; 1:30
66. For HEEDLESS FOLK fall by their own SELF-will, the SENSELESS are destroyed by their INDIFFERENCE; 1:32
67. saving you from wicked courses, from the SELF-willed speech of men who LEAVE the paths of right to follow some DARK COURSE, who DELIGHT in doing wrong, who have joy in WILLFUL wickedness, men of crooked courses and of DEVIOUS paths– 1:12-15
68. For they cannot sleep till they have done some wrong, till they have tripped up someone, they are sleepless; 4:16
69. they cannot see what makes them stumble. 4:19
70. for lack of SENSE he dies, his utter folly ruins him. 5:23
71. A rascal a knave– he works with falsehood on his lips, he winks with his eyes and scrapes with his feet, he signs with his fingers, his mind is ever planning mischief, he is always sowing DISCORD; 6:12-14
72. haughty eyes, a lying tongue, … a mind with crafty plans, feet eager to go mischief making, a false witness who tells lies, and him who sows discord within his group. 6:16-19
73. He who corrects a SCOFFER only gets insulted, he who reproves a RASCAL is reviled for it. 9:7
74. Reprove not a SCORNER, or he may hate you: 9:8
75. Hatred stirs up STRIFE: 10:12
76. … a fool’s babbling will bring trouble down. 10:14
77. and he is a FOOL who spreads a SLANDER. 10:18
78. Wrongdoing is the fool’s delight. 10:23
79. … bad men talking breathe out MALICE. 10:32
80. A G-DLESS man would ruin his neighbour with SLANDER. 11:9
81. A man who MOCKS his neighbor has NO sense. 11:12
82. … the bad man has a CRUEL heart. 12:10
83. A FOOL is sure that his own way is right: 12:15
84. A FOOL shows instantly that he is angry: 12:16
85. FRAUD is the aim of evil-minded men, 12:20
86. but evil men are full of all injustice. 12:21
87. a bad man’s life will lead himself astray. 12:26
88. a SCOFFER will not listen to rebuke. 13:1
89. but VICE is the downfall of sinful men. 13:6
90. ‘Tis INSOLENCE that leads to STRIFE, 13:10
91. the WAY fools live stirs up dislike. 13:15
92. but FOOLS display their FOLLY. 13:16
93. but FOOLS hate to give up evildoing. 13:19
94. a WAYWARD life despises him. [i.e. YHWH] 14:2
95. The SCOFFER seeks in vain for wisdom, 14:6
96. the FOLLY of a FOOL leads him astray. 14:8
97. GUILT harbours among FOOLS, 14:9
98. What SIMPLETONS acquire is FOLLY, 14:18
99. the coronet of FOOLS is their own FOLLY. 14:24
100. FOLLY gushes from the discourse of fools. 15:2
101. Wisemen’s discourse diffuses knowledge, but a FOOL’s mind will never master it. 15:7
102. A SCOFFER never cares to be corrected. 15:12
103. a FOOL’s heart is taken up with FOLLY. 15:14
104. FOLLY is a delight to senseless men, 15:21
105. bad men let out a flood of evil talk. 15:28
106. The rascal sets mischief afoot, his words scorch like a fire. 16:27
107. The intriguer sows discord, 16:28
108. The slanderer concocts a lie, the detractor has designs of mischief. 16:30
109. Only a base man listens to malicious words. 17:4
110. only the false attend to mischievous talk. 17:4
111. Better meet a bear robbed of her whelps than a FOOL in his folly. 17:12
112. He who acquits the guilty and he who condemns the innocent… 17:15
113. A FOOL is born to be a sorrow to his father; 17:21
114. there is no joy for the father of an idiot. 17:21
115. but a fool’s eyes go roaming far and wide. 17:24
116. Even a fool may pass for wise, if he says nothing. 17;28
117. A SLANDERER is always on the outlook, he will do ANYTHING to make mischief. 18:1
118. A fool has no delight in learning, but only in displaying what he IS. [actions speak louder than words.] 18:2
119. A fool’s talk gets him into trouble.. 18:6
120. A fool’s tongue is the ruin of him, his talk is a snare to himself. 18:7
121. The words of a SLANDERER are like dainty morsels, [to himself] swallowed and relished to the full. 18:8
122. Here is an a-theist hallmark. “To answer a question before you have heard it, is silly and shameful. 18:3
123. A man’s own FOLLY ruins his affairs — then he gets angry with YHWH. [Ever wonder why the a-theist is so angry with the Creator? This is the answer.] 19:3
124. A rascal of a witness SCOFFS at JUSTICE, and perjury pours from a scoundrel’s lips. 19:28
125. a FOOL quarrels with everyone. 20:3
126. Justice done is a delight to good men, and DISMAY to evildoers. 21:15
127. A man who acts with insolent disdain, an arrogant, haughty man– the name for him is ‘scoffer.’ 21:24
128. Rascals are impudent, 21:29
129. Get rid of a SCOFFER, and quarrels cease, disputes and insults are no more. 22:10
130. Never talk to a FOOL, for he will despise your words of wisdom; you are throwing away your fine sayings. 23:8-9
131. Wisdom is beyond a FOOL’s reach; 24:7
132. Like snow in summer and rain in harvest, so honour for a FOOL is out of place. 26:1
133. Never answer a FOOL according to his folly, lest you become like him: 26:4
134. answer a fool according to his folly, lest he imagine he is wise. 26:4
135. Like the limbs of a lame man, so maxims limp on the lips of a fool; 26:7
136. like thorny branches brandished by a drunkard, so are maxims on the lips of a fool. 26:9
137. Honour bestowed upon a fool is like a bag of gems laid on a heap of stones. 26:8
138. A dog goes back to his vomit, and a fool repeats his folly. [They always repeat the same old disproven talking points over and over again.] 26:11
139. Like a lunatic who lets fly deadly brands and arrows, so is he who deceives his neighbour, and then says it was in fun. 26:18
140. and a QUARRELSOME fellow for kindling STRIFE! 26:21
141. yet, though he hide his HATRED craftily, his MALICE shall be publicly exposed. 26:26
142. A stone is heavy, sand is weighty; but a VEXATIOUS FOOL is worse to bear than both. 27:3
143. Crush a FOOL with a pestle in the mortar, but you will never crush the folly out of him. 27:22
144. Apostates praise pagans; the faithful oppose them. 28:4
145. Bad men KNOW NOTHING of religion; devout men understand it all. 28:5
146. If a man is deaf to the orders of religion, his very prayer is loathsome to YHWH. 28:9
147. He who trusts in himself is but a FOOL. 28:26
148. If a wise man takes a fool into court, he gets no peace, whether the fool storms or laughs. 29:9
149. A FOOL blurts out his wrath; a wise man keeps his anger to himself. 29:11
150. Some think they are pure– with stains still on them! 30:12

Don’t worry, there are more verses on the way, many specific to “this” generation. One thing one can trust the Bible about, it tells the truth about man and mankind. That’s the secret about the Bible the a-theist cannot understand. The Bible describes them to a T. Yet, they, themselves, are incapable of seeing themselves in Scripture. One day, though, they will be able to read, see, and finally, understand. But not today.