Bible’s “SECRET WEAPON” Revealed: Part Five

Part 5

Let’s begin the test with the first NEGATIVE claim of a-theists.

Test #1: A-theists write and claim, “There is no god(s) because prayers are not answered.” Google: atheists & answered prayer.

We’ll use our friends BB and CB to illustrate.

CB: The Bible isn’t true because it is loaded with errors and contradictions. There is thus no way you can prove the Bible to be true. And, you cannot prove god(s) exists if the Bible is worthless.

BB: That’s a comprehensive statement you just made. You must have read a lot of a-theist material to come to that conclusion. By the way, how’s your prayer life?

CB: WHAT?! My prayer life? Are you kidding, I don’t pray. What’s that got to do with what I just said?

BB: Well, why don’t you pray? Have you ever prayed?

CB: Yes, I prayed a couple times before I became an a-theist and knew better. But, it would be foolish to pray now, being I’m an a-theist and don’t believe in the Bible or god.

BB: Why would that be foolish? Foolish to pray? I do it all the time.

CB: Yeah, right. And, I guess you get answers all the time? I know better. I never got answers, and studies by authorities say that prayers aren’t answered. So, why waste time on a fairy tale? A-theists don’t get answers to prayer.

BB: That’s funny. I thought you said the Bible wasn’t true? The Bible totally agrees with you 100% And, you just backed that up. And, G-d, who inspired the book to be written over a period of thousands of years said, “I will NOT answer the prayers of god less men.” He has been doing that for THOUSANDS of years and is still keeping His Word. How about that? He sure is consistent isn’t He? You’ve just proved the Bible is true, and that He keeps His Word. Therefore, He exists. For, surely, if not, a-theists could get answers to prayers to prove Him and the Bible wrong. In fact, that would be a real way to prove the Bible wrong. All a-theists need to do is start getting answers to prayer. A thing the Bible says is impossible to do.

CB: That’s nonsense. Those ancient Bronze Age writers knew their writings were so stupid that nobody in the future would believe them. That’s a bunch of malarky.

BB: Well, you admit you don’t get answers. The Bible says you wouldn’t and won’t. So, no matter what you just said, it is still true, now, isn’t it? You don’t get answers. The proof is “within you” and YOU just proved what the Bible said. By the way, just to make sure, how is your prayer life?

So, always ask an a-theist in our experiment, “How is your prayer life? Had any answers lately?” No matter the subject of criticism from the a-theist against the Bible or the Creator ALWAYS confirm with them, “How is your prayer life? Had any answers lately?”

I’d start with Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, and all the top writers first, and work down from there.

If he answers yes, he’s not an a-theist. If he answers no, he proves the Bible accurate exactly where and in whom the Bible says is the proof.

Remember: This is only test one where the writings and “doctrines” of the a-theists, which are everywhere, claim there is no god(s) and the Bible isn’t true. More tests to come. They’re really gonna’ love the tests that cover “yeah, but what about the texts that shouldn’t be in the Bible?” Or, “Yeah, what about the  texts that were left out of the Bible?”

“Estin en autois.”

Bible’s “SECRET WEAPON” Revealed: Part Four

A-theists are very clever people. And, they are very wise in worldly ways.

Because of that they are not afraid to post their “understanding” everywhere. Books, magazines, flyers, posters, even on the Internet. In fact, for years they have posted on the Internet their most negative and strongest arguments against the Bible. These are the arguments they believe are the “killer dillers” that destroy the Bible, and any concept that a “god” exists. So, with all that exposure it is too late to remove all those negative arguments. They are there for all to see. Nothing can be hidden by them now.

Often, it turns out that the strongest arguments someone believes they have are in fact the seed of their own destruction.

Let’s see:

Ever read or heard the expression “Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves?” Well, for over a century MODERN a-theists have presented their case. To now, it has seemed very powerful. And, it is. But, not for the reason they think.

“‘For it is written, I WILL DESTROY THE WISDOM OF THE WISE, AND THE CLEVERNESS OF THE CLEVER I WILL SET ASIDE.’ Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not YHWH made foolish the wisdom of the world?”

Modern “science” has set the rules. And, a-theists claim to follow the rules. So, will they now? We’ll get to see.

In doing a “scientific” experiment the guidelines are set down. Especially when performing a lab test. The test is performed to do a SPECIFIC test. If the test doesn’t work the way the experimenters want, they are not allowed to change the ingredients, the containers, etc. Etc. For, that would contaminate the experiment. For instance, the experimenter cannot secretly add another ingredient to force the result he wants. He must accept the results the experiment delivers. For, those results will be repeatable. Changing the ingredients will change the result, or confuse a later experimenter. Anyway, I don’t think I have to explain every detail to the educated logical and rational a-theist, right? He can figure these things out. No jumping to another experiment until the first experiment is proven, or disproven. Then, and only then, a new experiment should be done.

Guidelines for this experiment:
To be tested is ONLY what the a-theist has already written and posted almost everywhere. To be tested is ONLY the SUBJECT of the experiment.

So, we will test:

1. One statement/position at a time from the a-theist per test.
2. The a-theist [i.e. Those who claim to be god less] IS the subject of this experiment. No other group.
3. Only statement/position from the Bible that agrees with the a-theist statement/position to be used.

Why are only “god less” men, or modern a-theists the subject of this lab test? Because it is them the Bible says is the PROOF for “G-d” and His works. “Because that which may be known of God is IN THEM…” Some translations say “WITHIN THEM.” The Greek is “estin en autois.” So, if that is where the proof lies, that’s where we should test.

Purpose: Do a-theists confirm the Bible? And, is the confirmation repeatable?

End of part 4.