In this world of chaos, confusion and misunderstanding about the Bible, this site stands alone as a beacon of truth.  The Bible tells us that the Father’s chosen people know His name.  And, this important ingredient is the key to unlock the door to the Bible, prophecy and a full, mature understanding of scripture.

Web pages can be found all over the internet that allege that THEY understand the Bible.  THEY know the truth.  The fact is, truth has never been lost to history, even though it may seem like it.  In this generation, there will be a thirst for this truth and millions of searchers will want a place to find it.

This is that place.

So, to all those who have a real desire to discover for themselves what the Bible actually reveals, and who wish to share their understanding with like-minded people–welcome.

Here, you will find a forum to express your beliefs, share your thoughts and learn the truth of the Bible the proper way: Iron sharpens Iron.  And, while we welcome all persons to come and share in this exchange of ideas, this exchange must be done with sincerity.

We are a blessed generation, to be living today.  Soon, millions of people will understand why.  Until then, prepare yourselves for some powerful revelations, and enjoy the camaraderie with those who understand why we are already part of the highest calling that mankind has ever been given.

There is no organization to join here. No one will ask that of you at any time. Just be a good example right where you are.

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