Your PERSONAL Invitation

Friends of the Bible, and those who want to know what it really teaches, this is an invitation to you.

If you are sincere in your interest, and wish to discuss the Bible with others of like mind, then consider joining our discussion list, Thefaith.

Here we will discuss and/or present old, and new, information on prophecy, doctrine, and other items from the Bible itself.

Just go to this page and join the discussion list. The only thing shared with others will by your actual posts, questions and/or comments. Here’s the page:


Don’t you think it is important, considering the times in which we live, to look into what is going on from a true Bible perspective? How else will you find out what is really going on right now?

What will the next 9 years be like? And, the next 7 after that? Then what happens? Do you know? Do you want to know?

What are the 7 reasons for prophecy given by the Messiah? Do you know?

What are the 64 reasons for prophecy given by Zechariah’s inspired book? Do you know?

Isn’t it time to get serious about what your future is going to be? It’s time, now. Come join this brand new discussion list.

See you there.


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