For many decades now modern “scholars” have been moaning, groaning, and complaining that they can find no records, or artifacts, of the travels of ancient Israel through the desert during the Exodus. They are especially stumped by this lack of evidence, considering they are looking at a FORTY year time frame! Surely, after 40 years a large group of hundreds of thousands of people living in the desert would leave traces behind. But, no, “scholars” can find no solid proof. Why is that? Especially since the Bible gives such specific information about the Exodus. Is the story just a myth?

How in the world can there be NO artifacts found, especially since there was over a million people tossing “garbage” all along their trail. Being tossed for FORTY YEARS, and no record to be found? How can this be?

Because of this lack of evidence, according to “scholars,” there can be only one answer — the Exodus must be a myth. In other words, to them, “there was no Exodus, it’s only a made up story.” Is that true?


At this point let me mention something. Why do I write scholars as “scholars?” I do this because I want to draw an important distinction between so-called, consensus controlled, “scholars” and the real scholar.

The real scholar knows how to look beyond one’s limited finds and see the reasons behind what they find, or their LACK of finds. On the other hand, the “scholar” cannot do that. To do so would harm their standing in the “consensus community” of “consensus minded ‘scholars’.” To do otherwise would ruin their reputations among their peers of other “consensus minded” “scholars.” We can’t have that, now, can we?

So, that’s why I write “scholars” in quotes. A REAL scholar would read the full Biblical account and easily figure it out. But, no, not the “scholar.” That is beyond his capability, or hers. The problem, again, is the majority of “scholars” are “consensus minded ‘scholars'” and nothing more. Just read their conflicting writings and this becomes very clear for any THINKING person!

Be that as it may, WHY can these “scholars” find “no proof” in the deserts where they have looked?


Again, the answer is just too simple for them. And, since this simple answer has more than one part, the “scholar” gets confused with its simplicity and cannot figure it out.

So, let’s look at the real problem. The inability of the “scholar” to read, comprehend, and believe the Biblical narrative. It isn’t hard to read. But, it’s hard to read the obvious when the mind is looking for the way to destroy the Bible story. In other words, they don’t read the Bible for what it says, they read it to fit their preconceived scenario of how it should be. Such a negative, prejudiced mind cannot, even with help, see its false thinking. I call it being “blinded by the light.” The strength of the Bible story is so bright, it blinds the eyes of those looking for darkness. Haven’t you ever noticed there are times you look at a familiar object and can’t see it clearly because of how the bright light shines on it? Well, welcome to the eyesight of the “scholar.” So, let’s present the blinding light of the truth of why “scholars” can’t find the Exodus “trail.” Watch your eyes now, you might need really good sunglasses.


That’s it. Now, isn’t that simple? But, too simple [i.e. bright] for the “scholar” who cannot grasp what the Bible tells us, but professes to be the professional archeologist, Egyptologist, Bible “scholar” and “highly educated certified historian.” You know, Karnak the all knowing seer of Johnny Carson fame.

On the other hand, I suspect that YOU, the ordinary thinking person can see and appreciate and understand the light.


Now, why would “scholars” find nothing in the desert? Why no big numbers of indisputable artifacts? If one is a thinking person, one could and would figure it out without needing an article like this to explain why.

But, since so many who can think, but don’t, let’s take a quick look at what they can’t see, understand or believe.


1. To start with, there is one major physical reason no finds of import are made. They are simply looking in the wrong places. And, they do not understand that there was also a shipping side to the Exodus that went over water.

2. One really big MAJOR point overlooked and not considered by the “scholars” is this obvious fundamental insight they don’t have. The Exodus was a trip made because of DIVINE intervention. It was DIVINELY planned and carried out. The Exodus was NOT decided upon, planned and executed by men. It was not a human made endeavor. Nothing about the Exodus was man made or man planned or man executed. Men did not plot this escape from Egyptian oppression. “Scholars” however, are not capable of accepting this. So, they base their whole concept and research on the preconceived activities and plans of men, the Israelites. There is no way this will work. The Exodus, believe it or not, “scholars,” was not an ordinary migration of an oppressed people trying to gain freedom by physical means. It was a special event that in itself was a miracle.

3. Because this was a DIVINE migration, it should be no surprise to real scholars, that there would be no artifacts of note, nor a need for them. Just reading the Bible story itself clearly explains these things. But, “scholars” are only physical minded, they cannot conceive that the DIVINE POWER behind the Exodus is real. They just pretend to believe that, if at all. Now, what does the Bible show about this?

Well, it’s very clear…

1. Their clothing, shoes, and trappings never wore out. Ergo, nothing to throw away.
2. Their shelters never wore out. Ergo, nothing to throw away.
3. Utensils and other things never wore out. Ergo, nothing to discard.
4. All food supplies were DIVINELY given. For instance, Manna — here today, gone tomorrow. Quail, masses fly in, and disappear. Ergo, what’s left to find.
5. Certain mass events where one might expect artifacts to remain, left none. Why? The ground opened and swallowed them up. Nothing left behind to find.

Are you beginning to see? The Bible is clear about the whole story of the Exodus. One who reads the story closely can understand.

The “scholars” looking to make a name for themselves can never see nor understand what the Bible shows. Why, don’t you know, it’s only a man made book with made up stories by old ignorant bronze age men in the desert. Well, you can believe that lie, I don’t.

Let’s notice a couple other important points overlooked by the “scholars” hunting for fame instead of the truth.

The government entities in the area will not give free access to outsiders to search for artifacts. Especially if those outsiders give the impression of being Bible advocates in any way.

Another thing overlooked by Dever and others when looking for Israel’s entrance into the promised land is this, Israel tore down and destroyed and moved the “cities” (and debris) they conquered. Ergo, no normal remains to build a case upon. And, yes, this is mentioned in the Bible. But, for the “scholars” what does the Bible know about the story?

There you have it then. A sampling of the simple reasons why “scholars” cannot find their proof the Bible is true, and that the Exodus happened. Their lack of finds seem to satisfy their dream world, i.e. the Bible is only myth, but, we’ll pretend to look anyway.

This article, and the previous one on Israel in Egypt, only scratches the surface of the story. Perhaps, you should begin to study honestly, sincerely and for real now. I can tell you this. THE “SCHOLARS” WON”T DO IT FOR YOU!. They will only provide you with the opposite. I’d rather have the truth, wouldn’t you?

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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