There are only “scattered” records of ancient Israel being in Egypt. And, those records of antiquity are questioned by “scholars.” These “scholars” are constantly placing doubt on the story in the Bible referred to as the Exodus.

This is quite striking to many since the Bible itself is so specific about the story. The Bible is also quite verbose about the fact that Israel once dwelt in Egypt.

This brings up the question, “Why is there such disparity between the Bible and the Egyptian records of such an event?”

In addition to that, every possible record found is denied, not only by the Egyptians of today, but by Egyptologists, and even , not surprisingly, by so-called Bible “scholars.” How could this be?

One example to illustrate the point is Dr. Velikovsky’s Ipuwer Papyrus describing the ten plagues of Egypt. After first making a bit of turmoil in the Egyptologist community, it was denied as a fraud, written too late or soon, or was speaking of some other event. Either way this illustrates the immediate and typical response of the “scholars.”

Here’s the problem. The answer is so simple that only a non-thinker would overlook it. But, you guessed it, the “scholar” is unable to figure it out. So, let’s just answer for them, since they seem incapable of understanding the simple. Here it is in one simple sentence:

“The reason it is difficult to find any records of ancient Israel dwelling in Egypt IS — all those records were DELIBERATELY destroyed!”

Why, and by whom? Well, let’s see. They were deliberately destroyed because of political, racial and religious reasons. It is the end result of the normal pattern of human practice that everyone knows about, but never applies to the Bible and its narrative of ancient history.

Let’s look then, at who wiped out those records, and still are wiping out new finds, even today.


First, let’s understand one thing. The “original” Egyptians of the Exodus period KNEW beyond a doubt that Israel was in Egypt. And, they KNEW beyond a doubt that there was an Exodus. That was not a question to them. The question was, what to do about that embarrassing episode in their history.

Here’s what they did. All public records of Israel were systematically wiped out. Even to defacing statues that had features of any Israelite. Papyrus archives were systematically¬† destroyed or “censored.” All governments are guilty of this form of reconstructing history that is not favorable to their history and standing in society.
Once this was accomplished, another problem of preservation arose.


Conquest is a symptom of human history, and of human nature. Sometime after the Exodus, the “original Exodus” Egyptians were replaced. They were conquered, and cast out of their country to be replaced by a “new” Egyptian. An Arab people replaced them to become the Egyptians we know today.

Thus, not only did the “original” peoples of the Exodus era work to destroy the records of Israel, but they themselves were kicked out of Egypt. The “new” Egyptians had no knowledge or memory of ancient Israel. Yet, these new folks claimed the great accomplishments of those now gone “original” Egyptians. Thus, for the new Egyptians there was no room for any story of Israel, or any mention of a conquest of ancient Egypt by some “desert deity” of the Israelites. It just was not politically correct.
Thus, we see, so far, a couple of important things. First, the Egyptians of the Exodus, disgraced in their mind by Israel and Israel’s Elohim, kept few, if any records of that event.

Secondly, after the Exodus, the records of Israel prior to the Exodus were systematically wiped out. All for the purpose of “national pride.” Not only that, but racial pride and religious pride.

We also know, that any ancient Egyptians that might have remembered the story, were kicked out by the “new” invaders. Thus, IF they kept any records, like Ipuwer, those records would be denied, called forgeries, or myths. Not only that, any such writings would be considered false for not having been written IN Egypt. These two events alone are enough to explain the lack of Egyptian records about Israel.

Let’s review a moment the “new” inhabitants of Egypt. They replaced the early Egyptians, but claimed themselves to be Egyptians. To them, however, any records left over would have been destroyed as these new inhabitants could not permit or tolerate any records that reflected on them as individuals, or especially as rulers. Remember, they now were claiming to be Egyptians.


One last archive of history, that might have contained remnants of the history of Israel and the Exodus, was devastated. This major event in history is not often, if ever, applied to the ancient history we are discussing. That is, the burning of the library in Alexandria.

So far as we know, very few, if any, manuscripts from that library were saved. Although, there is one theory that the librarians hid the texts before hand because of a warning they received.

Be that as it may, this major repository of thousands of ancient records is now gone, forever, as far as we know. It would be a pleasant surprise should those manuscripts be found hidden away somewhere today.

So, there we have another valid reason why the Exodus story, and Israel in Egypt story, is not fully supported by secular history. But, again, there is more. . .


Today we have a field of “scholars” that operate on this principle: the consensus! That is, we don’t present the full story of what we find, we as “historians” and “scholars” must only present what the CONSENSUS says. In other words, we make up what appears to be the best answer, without upsetting the status quo, and present that to the world as “accepted history.” In other words, as one of the American major weekly news magazines said years ago, “historians take a creative leap” in their presentation of history.

Thus, with this in mind, we find, for instance, that the Egyptian antiquities officials, automatically deny and/or spoof any suspected real record of the Exodus, or that Israel was in Egypt. This is also done for fear of “denigrating” the Egyptian peoples and their history. Like it or not, other “scholars” do the same thing, and more, as we shall see.


It is pretty much accepted today, under consensus thinking, that the Bible story is just a myth. Therefore, in reality, there is no valid real and meaningful attempt to verify the Bible. And, those who do attempt such are classified as kooks, fanatics, Bible nuts, freaks and bimbos. So, here are the real techniques used by the world to falsify the Bible story of Egypt, Israel and the Exodus.

1. Every find today that tends to prove the Bible narrative is:
a. ridiculed,
b. destroyed,
c. “lost,”
d. denied, based on a “consensus of opinion” by antagonistic “scholars” kowtowing to the “party line.” Or,
e. labeled (falsely) as a forgery!

There you have it then, the real reason why “secular history” does not and cannot verify the Bible. And, why we find very little if any valid “proof” Israel was in Egypt, or left by Exodus. At least, according to the “scholars.”

Finally, by reading the new school textbooks of today about our modern history, which you should know by having lived through it, you can find how dramatically these “scholars” have changed even our own history of the last 50 years, or less. And, you believe them? I prefer the Bible, it doesn’t change over the years, and hasn’t for thousands of years.

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Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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