DECEPTIONS Are Always So CLOSE to the Truth! — Can YOU Tell the Difference?

DECEPTIONS Are Always So CLOSE to the Truth!

Can YOU tell the difference?

By the way, not all deceptions are deliberate. That’s the sad part. Most of them are caused by sincere folks presenting their first findings as the truth, when often those first findings aren’t what is claimed. So, let’s look at a modern day dilemma.


1. When was the Messiah born? 3/2 B.C., 4 B.C., 6 B.C., 5 B.C. Notice how close the dates are.
2. Time of the “slaughter” of the Messiah? Wednesday afternoon, Friday afternoon, Thursday afternoon?
3. When did He rise? Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning?
4. Calculated Calendar or the Observed Calendar? Both often show Feast Days on the same date, other times days apart.
5. Women’s hair their covering or a man made shawl, scarf?
6. Passover wine or Passover grape juice?
7. Saturday or Sunday for the Sabbath?
8. Speaking in “unknown” tongues, or “known” languages?
9. Use “Sacred” names or “Pagan” titles?

Let’s take a look at two distinct but different groups.

A Sacred Names group versus a former Worldwide Church of God splinter group.
Both the Worldwide and the Sacred Name folks have a common source. They both, in the majority of the case, are splits from a “Church of God, 7th Day” group. That particular church, was also a break from another earlier group. But, let’s not get too complicated for the point at hand.


I know the main Elders of both these groups. One is located on the West Coast, and the other in Middle America
Let’s compare the basic teachings of both a particular Sacred Name Group I am familiar with (YRM), and a church that is a break off of the Worldwide that I am also familiar with (CBCG). In the below comparison, the Sacred Name stance will be presented first, vs the former Worldwide church group’s stance.


1. Uses Observed Calendar versus Calculated Calendar.
2. Sabbath Day — both the same.
3. Annual Feast Days — both the same.
4. Clean and unclean foods — both the same.
5. Passover grape juice versus Passover wine.
6. Women must cover head, versus woman’s long hair is her covering.
7. Yahweh is Father’s Name, Yahshua is Messiah’s Name, versus “the Lord” and “Jesus.”
8. Tithing — both teach tithing.
9. Baptism in the name Yahshua, versus baptism in the name Jesus.
10. Pentecost — both say on a Sunday. Older Worldwide said it was on a Monday.
11. Government approval — both claim their corporate assembly, or church, are just tools of the “spiritual” assembly or church. Do either know which government sanctioned the original apostles and disciples for corporate operations and tax deductions?
12. Regular KJV order of Bible versus Manuscript Order of the Bible books.
13. Both have own “translation” or version of the Bible now. Neither, to my knowledge, emphasize teaching members to learn to read Greek and Hebrew texts of the Bible.
14. There are other points but this is enough for now.

The above brings up the most important comparison, TRUTH versus ERROR. And, remember, error leads to deceptions.

Here are two groups teaching virtually the same things. AND, both come from the same lineage through previous groups. Yet, they both claim to have THE truth. If that is the case, why do they differ on things like the calendar, names, women’s head covering, wine or grape juice, etc.? Neither of these things are that far apart. Both claim certain Elders in their past. So, what gives?

Neither have fellowship with each other. As far as I know, neither accepts the baptism of the other as valid. Both keep Passover but not with each other. So… here’s the question:

Which one of these two has the truth over the other’s claim of truth? Only one can be right, assuming either one is. Which is it? Or, as we see clearly, they both have a smattering of the truth, and some obvious errors. Those errors keep them apart.

The problem is, both are as rebellious against the Father as the other. For example, one vehemently refuses to place the Names in their translation, and that with a huff and puff expression of disdain. The other uses the Names, but so far refuses to place the books of the Bible in the correct manuscript order. What childish rebellion from both groups. Neither will listen to the other, nor work with the other. This is also true with their “peer” groups. Each has its one or two points that totally prevent full cooperation together. Yet, they both claim to be right. So which is it, grape juice or wine, etc.?

Are they just old wineskins set in their ways. Wineskins that they know would burst if the new and powerful new wine was placed within them?

But, think of this. IF they would drop their, and let me be blunt, STUPID IGNORANT ARROGANT stiff-necked rebellious stubborn nonsense, they together could overwhelm the world around them with the real and full truth. But, alas, they are stuck in old wineskins.

Because of this situation, neither understand properly Biblical prophecy. Neither grows very rapidly, and with new younger generation members surpassing the elderly. They have become, like the rest of Christianity, an old folks club, clinging to stubborn errors deceiving themselves into believing they are holding on to the “faith once and for all delivered to the saints.”

If that’s true, why is the “faith once and for all delivered” that they claim to follow, DIFFERENT from the other?

It’s time these two groups WAKE UP and make a real difference. It’s time they take the time and REVIEW every stance they have taken on Biblical matters.

For instance, neither understand prophecy correctly, yet, claim they do. A revived Roman Empire is one they won’t look at for some reason. For, it is NOT a revived Roman Empire that is the fourth beast of Daniel. That fourth beast has never been on earth yet.

Be that as it may, I would like to suggest and encourage these two groups of very fine individuals to take a fresh look at what they teach, especially on those things with which they differ. And, let me suggest two or three changes for both to double check.

1. Women’s covering is their LONG hair, not a scarf.
2. The Observed Calendar is part and parcel of the canon of Scripture, the Calculated Calendar is not.
3. The Names of both the Father and Son MUST be placed into the new California translation, and the MidWest translation MUST be placed into the correct order. OR, even better, both should work together and use a corrected translation for both groups!

Can they bend to the Father’s WILL, or remain stuck with old and boring man conceived error? We’ll see soon enough. I’m rooting for both of them. Won’t you root with me!

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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