Since When is “The LORD” a Name?

Since When is “The LORD” a Name?

The world is confused. The world is deceived, totally, when it comes to the Creator of the universe. The world is deceived, totally, when it comes to the Word of the Creator.

For centuries the world has stumbled around worshipping “The LORD.” All the time claiming this, along with “GOD” is the Creator’s name. Some, deceiving themselves, know there is something wrong with their stance on this question have come up with another human, self-deceiving argument. That argument? That, for the Xtian, the name of the Creator is “Abba, Father.” They use and explain this word as like calling their Creator “Daddy.” Basically, these practices and arguments are very childish. They are the arguments of those who are the novices in the Word.

Let’s look at this question for the moment.

Let’s start with the latest idea, the use of “Abba” for the “name” of the Father. This is dramatically wrong for several reasons.
First, it puts to rest the typical argument used by these same teachers. That typical argument is, “We don’t have to speak Hebrew.” That is, the Father’s name is Hebrew, and we speak English, [Spanish, German, etc.] so we don’t have to use a Hebrew name. Yet, here we have those same people claiming that we must speak ARAMAIC in order to call the Father by His name for Xtians, Abba. Abba is Aramaic not English, not Spanish, not German. Haven’t they noticed that? So, we “must” speak Aramaic, but not Hebrew? Who do you think is the one confused over this question?

So, why is it OK to speak Aramaic and not speak Hebrew? Simple. This is Jeremiah 17:9 reasoning by those who will not submit to their Creator. Reasoning from the mind of those who refuse to obey YHWH on His terms.

Secondly, the Bible totally demolishes these human, carnal minded Jer. 17:9 mind reasonings.
For instance, another argument is, “We don’t know what the name actually is, the pronunciation has been lost.” Sounds good, but is that what the Bible says? Is that what the Creator says? Look at this:

So, the argument is, “We don’t know the name.” What does that tell us about the men and women who say this? It says something very simple and clear. Those people are NOT the Creator’s people. How do I know that? Well, because Isaiah was inspired to write this:

“Therefore, MY PEOPLE shall KNOW my NAME. Therefore they shall know IN THAT DAY that I am He that doth speak, behold it is I.” Isa. 52:6

It just can’t get any more clear than that. And, the Bible means what it says, or it doesn’t.

What we have here is a comparison of two simple and clear statements. One from the Creator, and one from those who ignore His name.

1. MY PEOPLE shall KNOW my NAME.
2. We don’t know His name, it has been lost.

Now, which of these two do YOU believe? The One who cannot lie on matters like this? Or, men who think and act with a Jer. 17:9 mind? I think the choice is obvious.

Now, let’s look at claiming “Abba” is now the Father’s name. It is based on the Messiah telling His disciples what to say when praying. “Our Father — Abba — which art in heaven…” Does that change the Father’s name from Yahweh to Abba? Absolutely not. All it does is show the new relationship with Yahweh. We are now His begotten children, therefore we can call Him Abba, Father, which is not a NAME, it is a special TITLE showing a very intimate and loving relationship.

When I called my physical father “Dad” or “Dada” or “Daddy” did that change his name? Was he no longer Mr. Petry to the world of his friends, acquaintances and peers? Absolutely not. And, on top of that they never called him “Father, Dad, Dada, Daddy!” Why? Because that was NOT their relationship with him. Just so, we have a SPECIAL relationship with Yahweh, so we can also call Him Abba, an endearing term, that does not change His name at all. How the Xtian world cannot see and understand this is really an eye opener to one that knows the whole Bible in depth. As Paul put it my friends, its time to “put away childish things.”

One hallmark of those who ignore the Father’s name is this. They cannot understand Biblical prophecy, nor do they, till now, even have a clue as to the connection of the Father’s name with prophecy. In other words, what is the whole reason for prophecy? They don’t know. Read their writings on prophecy, listen to their boring sermons on prophecy. Where do they explain this? The simple reason for prophecy is this:

To make all individuals, groups, races and nations to KNOW one thing, and one thing only. Here it is in the Creator’s own words.
That they “may KNOW that I am YHWH.”

That expression is used many times throughout the Scriptures. But, in the book of Ezekiel it is said specifically 64 times. One would expect that humans who read that expression over and over again, 64 times, in the same book, would finally grasp what is being said, and taught. Especially when they teach, know, and claim, “when something is repeated more than once in the Bible IT IS IMPORTANT TO PAY ATTENTION TO THAT!!! And, here we have 64 repetitions in one book?! Who is kidding whom? You would think these folks would PAY ATTENTION TO THAT…

But, nope, not for the carnal and pseudo-spiritual human. Their carnal human and unconverted minds do not want to grasp the obvious. For to admit that would mean actually submitting to the Higher Power they “claim” to worship, and don’t. All peoples, including Xtians, love to proclaim their worship to the world, But, here’s the funny thing, when you put them on the spot with their own Scriptures, they tap dance with, “Oh, it doesn’t mean that, that is just your interpretation.”

That’s a nice self-serving answer. It sounds good. It makes the person saying that feel he or she is OK. But, there is one thing wrong with it. It simply is not true. It is only an excuse. For…

“When there is no other possible answer to a Scripture, then it is not just an interpretation. When that is all that is left, it is the correct translation — no interpretation needed.”

Mankind knows, deep within their being, that “the LORD” is NOT a name, it is a title, at best. A label, used by carnal men to cover over their rebellion to the Creator’s NAME. Man may try to excuse himself, but the final answer is this:

“…then shall they KNOW that I am YHWH THEIR Elohim.”

It’s just that simple. There is no place to hide on this matter. It is time for those who reject the Father’s Name to repent, change, and OBEY the Father — Abba Yahweh. His Name IS YHWH, absolutely notthe LORD” or “God.” YHWH is Elohim. You’ve been told, by His Word. And, that Word is the only authority on the matter. No matter what my friend, and others write to excuse themselves, their writings are not the authority.

By the way, those of you misusing the Father’s name, there’s a warning for you also, a serious warning. So….

Since When is “The LORD” a Name?

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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