Ignoring the Obvious — Or, How to Avoid the Bible at ALL Costs!

Ignoring the Obvious — Or, One Way to Avoid the Bible at ALL Costs!

The human mind is unique. It believes it is capable of knowing more than anyone else. Especially, if that “anyone” is the Creator of the universe described in the Bible.

It is a wonder to behold the human mind in the process of deceiving itself. Basically, the end result of human thinking can be summed up this way, “I know better than YHWH, if He exists. And, I’m sure He doesn’t exist. So, either way, no matter what ‘He says in the Bible’ it doesn’t mean what it says.”

Having said that, let’s take a look at a “strange” subject to most people. What is that, you ask?


ALL of mankind’s religions and philosophies practiced as religion, are rip-off distortions of Bible stories! And, the Bible is older than the writings of all religions and philosophies practiced as religion

What was your reaction to that statement? Right off the bat, most minds, like yours, reject that statement, and immediately start finding excuses and reasons why this cannot be true. Like, “the Vedas were written before the Bibe.” “There was no contact between this nation, or that, with Israel. No, the Bible is all myth and has nothing to do with real history.” On and on it goes, and that even before hearing or reading the evidence for the statement.

Now, be honest, isn’t that what your mind just did?

No matter the evidence, the human mind avoids the Bible at all costs. Anything, such as the following, used to substantiate the Bible “cannot be true.” Why? Because the human mind says so, not the facts, the many facts, just the rebellious human mind that believes it is self sufficient in knowledge.


Israel and China today are unique in a few similar ways. Both still use a very ancient writing system that goes back 3,000 years, and more. They both have “sacred” writings that go back to the story of creation, and yes, even to Adam and Eve. And, they both carry stories about “Bible” characters.

Without going into great detail for now, just consider this. The Creator of the universe has left TWO major witnesses of His doings with mankind on planet earth. One witness being Israel, the second witness being China. Yes, believe it or not, these two nations have preserved the same basic information about the Creator. Two separate and separated witnesses. Remember, the Bible states that a thing is established in the mouth of “two or three witnesses.”

Well, here we have two specific witnesses to the greatness of the Creator, and two specific witnesses to His existence!

Just think of it! Witnesses from two separate worlds, two separate cultures, two separate histories, and yet, they both tell the same story. The same story preserved in two separate languages. Two ancient languages. Consider the odds. More could be said on this alone, but now is not the time. We want to stick with the overview for now.


Is there a connection with these two books? Not according to the human mind that is against the Bible. Even so, what is that connection IF there is one?

Many have speculated on this for decades now. Well, to keep it simple for the moment, yes, there is a dramatic connection between the two. For one thing, they BOTH are witnesses preserving man’s initial contact with YHWH, the Creator of all that is. Specifically, the Torah and the I CHING are books on the same subject, YHWH and His creation.

What makes these two witnesses so powerful is this. Both peoples kept these books apart from and separate from each other, and in two different unique writing systems. Two systems independently keeping the same basic information. Consider the odds, that is, without divine help and direction.


Remember the beginning of this article? About the human mind? OK, let’s reflect a moment. A very important “teaching moment.”
Listen to your mind right now! Listen to it’s “rebellion” to such an idea. Let’s take a look at YOUR mind.

Bible Believer: That’s nonsense. There is not and never was any connection with that pagan I Ching book from China, and that’s that.

I Ching Believer: That’s nonsense. There is not and never was any connection with that Xtian Bible from Israel, and that’s that.

Plus, all the other arguments forming in both your minds. In both cases, the one rejects out of hand the other. Neither side knows what to look for to prove absolutely their stance. BUT, what they do have is this, ALL the human carnal reasonings to try and hide from the fact that YHWH is Creator. Both these books together prove that. So, the human mind MUST, by its very nature, concoct human non-spiritual, and non-factual arguments against the one book or the other.

All these negative arguments are frankly, desperate fabrications by human minds to avoid the truth of spiritual matters and facts. By the way, I am speaking of YOUR arguments. They do not and can not stand against the truth given us by the Father and Creator of us all, Yahweh is His name.


One argument used in this discussion by the human mind is this. China and Israel had no contact with each other, so they could not have preserved the same information. Sounds good, right? But is it?

First, for the most part, that is true. Because of that, it makes these two witnesses even more outstanding.

How, without DIVINE GUIDANCE, could these two witnesses preserve such information so closely associated?

Secondly, based on the general time accepted for the writing of the I Ching, around the time of Solomon, we have this in the Bible.

“Behold, these shall come from far: And, lo, these from the north and from the west; AND these from the land of SINIM.”

Various scholars believe this refers to China. The word Sinim is used only once in the Scriptures, and was written there in the 700’s B.C., not long, after Solomon’s time.

Here we have then, TWO WITNESSES to the validity of the Bible. And, here we also have the opportunity to watch the carnal human mind reject out of hand two WITNESSES because of the necessity of the human mind to deny Elohim and His Word. Welcome to the world of reality. The human mind immediately resists obvious truth and proof. How? By automatically, and without effort or the need to think, rejecting any proof, no matter how old or massive.

The mind of man is a unique thing. It will go to any lengths to reject out of hand the Creator and His Word. In other words, a How to Avoid the Bible at ALL Costs, way of thinking. It takes no effort. That’s the human mind for you. How’s yours?

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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