A NEW Revelation — How the Arab World, and Others, Prove the Bible TRUE!

Surprising PROOFS the Bible IS True!

[A continuation of the series on the RELIGIOUS revolution coming in the world.]

Unbeknownst to individuals, groups and nations, the Bible shows us how the world itself proves the Bible to be 100% accurate and true. Here are just a few of those individuals and groups and nations who “unknowingly,” but actually, do prove the Bible. And, the list may just surprise you.

A Startling List of Bible PROOFS

1. Israel
2. A-theists
3. China
4. The Arab World
5. The Gay Movement
6. The President of the United States
7. The Goddess Religion.

Now, I’ve listed these seven examples for the purposes of illustration. There are many more examples we could use, especially by breaking things down into the “nitty-gritty.” For example, all of the following are absolute proofs the Bible is true, and that the Elohim of the Bible is the Creator of ALL that is. Iran, Syria, Iraq, Northern Iraq soon to become the modern revival of ancient Assyria, Greece, Turkey, and many more. None of these listed can prove otherwise. Especially once the reason is pointed out to the world. Frankly, why this has never been seen before is just downright puzzling. But, today, it is now revealed to us.


Let me be blunt and frank with YOU, whoever YOU are visiting this site and reading this. This truth, and proof of the Bible, is so SIMPLE in its clarity, and overwhelming in its impact that it is a wonder the world has not seen the truth of it before. Now it can be shown in all it’s simplicity. Let’s take a look at a brief overview of each “proof” listed above. But, first, keep this simple and obvious statement in mind.

If “Someone” says YOU WILL do something in the future, and YOU do it, and cannot resist or stop doing it, what does that tell you? It tells you several things. One, it tells you Someone knew what He was talking about. Two, it tells you He can MAKE those things happen. Third, it tells YOU He can MAKE YOU do what He says you are to do, AND YOU CANNOT STOP IT, OR CHANGE IT, OR RESIST IT. Fourth, it tells YOU only ONE individual can cause that many MILLIONS of people to obey His WILL, and cannot refuse to do it. Fifth, it tells YOU that “self-fulfilling prophecy” cannot ever happen. Why? Because there is no way to make people fulfill prophecies they don’t know about, or don’t believe. That kind of excuse is just childish a-theism, pure and simple.

OK, now let’s look at the first overview:


1. Israel. The nation of Israel is again established after thousands of years, just as the Bible declared would happen. There is no legitimate proof or argument to the contrary. Israel is there, since May, 1948, and isn’t going anywhere. Why? Because the Bible said so.

2. A-theists. The a-theist, as described in other articles on this site, do exactly what was forecast about them thousands of years ago. Instead of proving the Bible wrong with their childish antics, their actions only prove the Bible to be true. Without a miracle in their lives, they can only do exactly what they were prophesied to do. They cannot change it, nor resist what is said of them. Yet, they think they are autonomous and do their “own thing.” They don’t. They are pawns in a universal play that they cannot get out of. They cannot explain this away, not with any legitimate proof or rebuttal. For, in even doing that, or trying, they are doing exactly what they HAVE TO DO because their minds have been MADE TO DO AND THINK THE WAY THEY DO. There is no out for them until the return of the Messiah. They are programmed puppets, if you will. Under the control of the Puppet Master causing them to fulfill prophecy FOR the Creator who they try to disown and deny. Good luck with that attempt.

3. China. China is an ancient civilization with similarities like Israel. I don’t mean in culture, etc. But, in historical items such as: They both today still use a form of their ancient writing. Both languages, separate in method, but exact in that they both present the history and witness to the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, creation, etc. etc. As the Father said, “in the mouth of TWO or THREE witnesses is a thing established.” When one finally understands how these two nations, totally separated through most of their history still present the same early concepts and beliefs, one can see their source was the same source. Books have been written about this. I suggest you begin searching for this fascinating double proof of the Bible being true.

4. The Arab World. What is one of the MOST OBVIOUS things mentioned in the Bible when it comes to prophecy? Why, the animosity between Israel and the Arab World! That is so obvious it is beyond question. So, this begs a question. IF the Arab world does not believe in the Bible, WHY does the Arab World do EXACTLY what the Bible says the Arab World will do when it comes to Israel? If the Bible is not true, WHY do they uphold the Bible by doing what it says? Simple. Again, too simple for the rebellious human mind to grasp. They do it because YHWH is IN CONTROL and no man, no matter who they are, or what they believe, can only do what YHWH says he will do. YHWH says it, man does it. It cannot be denied that the Arab World does exactly what the Bible requires of them. What does that tell us? That only one Elohim is in charge. Only One can bring these things about. For example, ever heard something like this from the Arab World? Most recently from the President of Iran, ancient Persia of the Bible, and from Hamas, etc.

“They [the Arab World] have said, ‘Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; That the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.”

Now, where did the Middle East get this idea? What MADE the leaders of the Middle East come up with, and say this kind of thing against the State of Israel? Why simple. YHWH proclaimed they would do it thousands of years ago! Therefore, they cannot do otherwise. Today, they are doing just that. Why? Because they are controlled by a Higher Power they cannot resist. That Power is the Elohim of the Bible controlling men to do His bidding. This is not the strategy of the Middle Easterner, as they might think, no, it is the Creator of the universe bringing about His will. Why? To prove He is the One in charge. And, to make all mankind finally know, understand and ADMIT “… that I am YHWH.” Read our article on this subject here on Embassy Matters. Now, here’s a shocking fact….

Because of the nature of the “Arab World” that world will be one of the first groups on planet earth to UNDERSTAND, COMPREHEND and ACT UPON this undeniable proof of the Bible, and proof of YHWH. Why? Because their minds grasp and believe deeply in a Higher Power, and will submit to that Higher Power when the proof is obvious to them. Remember, in the Bible, in different ways, these peoples are also called, “MY PEOPLE.” How can that be said if it isn’t true? So, who will awake from this spiritual stupor first? The Middle East. The rest of the world will follow.

5. The “Gay Movement.” This group of individuals, like the a-theist, and others listed above, think they are doing their own “thing” because of their own mind set. Nope. They are in actual fact, OBEYING the prophetic dictates of the Creator of the Bible, whether they realize and understand it or not. Otherwise, there would be no “gay movement.” It’s really that simple. Those who think they are FREE to do what they want are actually, as mentioned, just pawns in a great play. A serious play. A play that is meant to prove to all of mankind, without question, the Bible is true, and that YHWH EXISTS. Every statement, every act, every protest, every legal trick, every political move done by the “gay movement” is just another proof of Who is in charge. By default, they prove the Bible true. Funny, isn’t it, that people think they are disproving the Creator and the Bible. And, unbeknownst to them, they are actually doing the opposite. They prove beyond any doubt, along with the other six listed above, that the Bible is true, and that the Creator is in control. Funny, those six think they are in control. The last laugh is on them!

6. The Current President of the United States. Mr. Obama in many ways, as you will see over time, is the ultimate proof of the Bible. Let’s take a look at his public perception. He has a “strange” name compared to other Presidents. His birth location is questioned by many today. One of his parents was not a citizen of the country he presides over. He has placed his country in an unbelievable debt situation. A nation that once loaned to the world, is now the biggest debtor to the world. This President has placed many individuals in office, as Czars, that under certain guidelines would be considered “strangers” to the nation they help guide and control. There’s more, but this is enough for now. OK, so whether you agree or not doesn’t matter. What matters is this. Everything about, or done by, this President has an uncanny likeness to fulfilled prophecy. Why, it IS fulfilled prophecy.

Read Deuteronomy 28: 43-44, if you don’t believe me. Yeah, I know all your arguments to the contrary. But, you CANNOT do away with the absolute exact description given in the Bible about this man. And, a description that is to apply in this generation of the world. No, one can quibble all they want with childish rebuttals, but the obvious is obvious. This is a fulfillment of prophecy. Does Mr. Obama know about this description of his in the Bible? If not, I’m sure he will know soon enough. Besides, he is also fulfilling the other prophecies about the prophetic gay movement, a-theists, “marrying and giving in marriage” and more. Yes, Mr. Obama is one of the valid proofs the Bible is true, in spite of himself.

7. The Goddess Religion. Well, you are not ready for this one yet. As all the above require, this one also requires a full book or two to fully show its present and future impact on the world. For one, ALL religions and philosophies on the planet, no matter the location or name, is under the full sway and control of this concept. The Goddess Religion will blow you away once you fully grasp it’s total human and spiritual controlĀ  over all mankind. If you use your mind, you can see her standing in the harbor of New York. A “Goddess of Liberty” being the symbol of American freedom, the nation that took the Bible to the world? Is that not an oxymoron? But, you can also find her in every nation, group and government.


The world you and I live in is NOT the world we have been led to believe it is. Can you handle what is coming? Can you grasp now, even a little bit, why the world is going to turn to the Bible and to YHWH? And, I mean the whole world! Soon, minds are going to begin awakening. Those minds will begin to see Who is really in charge all these millennia. The Middle East will open the first volley in this coming REVOLUTION — A Religious Revolution

Friends, you are reading these things here FIRST. Remember where you learned about them when they begin to make waves on planet earth. And, know this….

“Yes, many people and strong nations shall come to seek YHWH of Hosts [and no other] IN JERUSALEM, and to pray before YHWH [and no other].”

This means first the Middle East, and then, the rest will follow. It’s coming. You now know. What are YOU going to do?
Like it now, or not, here is what YOU will do when the time comes…

“Thus saith YHWH of Hosts [and none other]; ‘In THOSE DAYS it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold out of all languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, ‘We will go with you: for we have heard that Elohim is WITH YOU.”

Yep, that’s what YOU, and the rest of the world will do, and unless you are very old, in your lifetime.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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