THE FINAL CHRONOLOGY — Timeline for “This” Generation?

THE FINAL CHRONOLOGY — Timeline for “THIS” Generation?

[Special Note: At first I was reluctant to publish this information. Over the past years since I began presenting certain prophetic information I found that some folks tried to present the info as their own research and discovery. This concerned me at first, since I felt too many, if they learned the methods, would misuse the information. But, to my “not” surprise, I discovered that no one was able to carry on with new findings.

All they could do was to present what I had already found, and had to wait till I presented new findings to then claim them as their own.

This taught me a big lesson. I.e., Daniel was right. Only the “wise” can truly understand these things, and build upon them. Those not in that category just simply cannot make progress on their own. Anyway, for the first time, I am presenting this information to the general public.]

How the Greek Scriptures give us the final year by year account of end time prophecy.

In the mid 1980’s my wife and I joined the local public access TV station. After the basic studies and certifications we began to work on the TV shows of others. This was in 1986. Within 6 months to a year we began doing our own TV show. Our first show was not about the Bible. At the time I was not sure if we should do a show that was Biblically oriented. However, sometime in 1987 as I recall, we decided to do a show called “Code Six-Four.” It was to be about the Bible. More specifically, what the Bible actually said, not what was claimed it said.

Included in the show were discussions about bible prophecy. What we taught was the typical scenario we had learned at college. And, was based on the incorrect idea that there would be a revived Roman Empire. And, with heavy emphasis on the generalized prophetic discourses on Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 along with Revelation 6. At the time I did not grasp the specific prophecies spoken of in Scripture. Needless to say, nothing I said hit the prophetic mark. For, it was all wrong. It was based on the errors I was taught by men I thought understood prophecy. They didn’t.

Then, as we got nearer to the end of 1998 I began to recognize certain things I hadn’t paid attention to before. One being the importance of what the Messiah called “this generation” in the Evangels. Other things came along to add to my understanding. However, that will have to be explained at another time. For now, I just want to explain a little about the chronology for our day.

Without explaining further, for the moment, the end result was this. We had begun “this generation” in September of 1998. In actual fact, an insert of time between the end of the ideal prophetic year 6,000 of the Bible, and the beginning of the 1,000 year millennium that was to follow the 6,000 years.

All through prophetic sections of Daniel, for instance, time inserts were done, called “gaps.” These inserts caused gaps in the prophetic chronology that most have never paid attention to.

These gaps appear to be the method used by the Father to adjust things to keep them to the primary prophetic schedule. “This generation” is such a gap of 33 1/2 years that has been inserted between the end of the 6th millennium or final millennium of man’s rule on earth, and the beginning of the 7th millennium which is a 1,000 years of the Messiah’s rule on the earth. A 40 year generation, in essence, that has been shortened, just as promised. From 40 years to 33 1/2 years. Why? Because if it hadn’t been shortened “no flesh would be saved alive.” Man would destroy himself otherwise.

What I found is this. “This” generation, our generation today, is divided into sections I call cycles. The first section was a 5 1/2 year period. The second cycle was a 7 year period. Both these have now been completed. That leaves a 14 year cycle, which we are now in.

At the end of this 14 years cycle comes a final 7 year cycle. Those 7 years are, as far as I can tell, the LAST 7 years of Revelation.

As I’ve explained before, I have labeled these 4 periods, or cycles this way.

1. Preparation. (5 1/2 years)
2. Transition. (7 years)
3. Expansion. (14 years)
4. Last 7 Years. (7 years)

With the above in mind, the purpose now is to give you a listing of each year in “this generation” along with each set of books from the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures that apply to each year.

It turns out that the Greek Scriptures, in the correct manuscript order, gives us the perfect outline, and number of books, to cover each year this way. Of course, it should be obvious that the Book of Revelation, the book of 7’s, as one book, covers 7 years. The rest are one book per year. Note also that the 1/2 year portion of the first cycle does not have a specific New Testament book for it.

One final point, for now. The final generation, as I mentioned, began in September of 1998. Since we do not have 27 and a half books in the Greek Scriptures, there has to be a half year adjustment. This throws the “one book per year” chronology into a prophetic year that runs April to April, not January to January or September to September.

Thus, the first full year of end time chronology based on the Greek Scriptures began April, 1999. By that time we were actually a half year into the Preparation Cycle of 5 1/2 years. Please take special note of the following: I say April to April. However, because we are using the Biblical calendar and not the Roman calendar, the beginning of any particular year may run from late March, April, or even early May to the following year. These dates will be known as we get close to them. Why? Because the Biblical calendar is lunar based. Do some study and you’ll understand clearly. If you aren’t willing to study and learn, why even read this article?


(1/2)September, 1998 to April, 1999: The 1/2 year adjusts years from a September to September count to an April to April count: Psalms 98 applies here.
(1) April, 1999 — April, 2000: Matthew, Psalm 99
(2) April, 2000 — April, 2001: Mark, Psalm 100
(3) April, 2001 — April, 2002: Luke, Psalm 101
(4) April, 2002 — April, 2003: John, Psalm 102
(5) April, 2003 — April, 2004: Acts, Psalm 103


(6) April, 2004 — April, 2005: James, Romans, Psalm 104
(7) April, 2005 — April, 2006: I Peter, I Corinthians, Psalm 105
(8) April, 2006 — April, 2007: II Peter, II Corinthians, Psalm 106
(9) April, 2007 — April, 2008: I John, Galatians, Psalm 107
(10) April, 2008 — April, 2009: II John, Ephesians, Psalm 108
(11) April, 2009 — April, 2010: III John, Philippians, Psalm 109
(12) April, 2010 — April, 2011: Jude, Colossians, Revelation 1, Psalm 110


(13) April, 2011 — April, 2012: Romans, I Thessalonians, Revelation 2, Psalm 111
(14) April, 2012 — April, 2013: I Corinthians, II Thessalonians, Revelation 3, Psalm 112
(15) April, 2013 — April, 2014: II Corinthians, I Timothy, Revelation 4, Psalm 113
(16) April, 2014 — April, 2015: Galatians, II Timothy, Revelation 5, Psalm 114
(17) April, 2015 — April, 2016: Ephesians, Titus, Revelation 6, Psalm 115
(18) April, 2016 — April, 2017: Philippians, Philemon, Revelation 7, Psalm 116
(19) April, 2017 — April, 2018: Colossians, HEBREWS, Revelation 8, Psalm 117
(20) April, 2018 — April, 2019: I Thessalonians, JAMES, Revelation 9, Psalm 118
(21) April, 2019 — April, 2020: II Thessalonians, I Peter, Revelation 10, Psalm 119
(22) April, 2020 — April, 2021: HEBREWS, II Peter, Revelation 11, Psalm 120
(23) April, 2021 — April, 2022: I Timothy, I John, Revelation 12, Psalm 121
(24) April, 2022 — April, 2023: II Timothy, II John, Revelation 13, Psalm 122
(25) April, 2023 — 2024: Titus, III John, Revelation 14, Psalm 123
(26) April, 2024 — April, 2025: Philemon, Jude, Revelation 15, Psalm 124

FINAL CYCLE (Last 7 years.)

(27) April, 2025 — April, 2026: Revelation 16
(28) April, 2026 — April 2027: Revelation 17, Psalm 125
(29) April, 2027 — April, 2028: Revelation 18, Psalm 126
(30) April, 2028 — April, 2029: Revelation 19, Psalm 127
(31) April, 2029 — April, 2030: Revelation 20, Psalm 128
(32) April, 2030 — April, 2031: Revelation 21, Psalm 130
(33) April, 2031 — April, 2032: Revelation 22, Psalm 131

1. The Psalms are set to the years of the 20th. century beginning with 1901. Although this appears to be speculation, the funny thing is, the years in many cases do match. This idea was first presented, I believe, by J. R. Church.
2. As far as I can find, I am the first person to connect the NT books with each year of the final generation. The years for placing the NT books in a year by year progression are subject to change. That is, when new information clarifies events, then, if need be, the whole series of books will be moved forward or backward to be more accurate. “Bench mark” years determine when, and/or if, the books are to be readjusted. A “bench mark” year is one with such potential special events that their occurrence solidifies our findings, or causes us to adjust.
3. The last 7 years do not have any NT books attached to them. However, the book of Revelation appears to cover them by the last 7 chapters of the book, plus the book of Psalms continues right on into the millennium.
4. All of the above is based on the fact that the Father works with “patterns,” or as some might call them, blueprints.
5. All of these ideas can be found in the Scriptures. However, if one has not studied them for a period of time, along with external history, etc. it becomes almost impossible to put the “pattern” together. However, when enough information from various sources are in the mind, then with inspiration, they can be connected. The memory works by “association,” so there must be enough information available through long study, to make associations. Otherwise, how can “association” be accomplished?
6. Even with enough information in the mind, one still cannot put it together alone without the help of the Spirit of the Father guiding and inspiring that mind.
7. Virtually anyone can see and grasp the whole “pattern” if it is shown to them. However, it is virtually impossible for that individual, or any individual, to discover this on their own.

Finally, one must understand a few things. First, this prophetic chronology is not set in stone, yet. It is still subject to correctional adjustment.

If you are not one of the “wise” spoken of by Daniel, then no matter how clear the explanation, you will NOT be able to fully grasp what you have in the above information. Nor, will you be able to add to it on your own. You simply will not know what to look for. You will not be able to draw the “associations.” no matter how hard you try. This comes strictly from inspiration.

As time progresses, this chronology will be adjusted down to not only the day(s), but, in some cases even to the hours. Now….

WARNING: Unlike past teachings on prophecy and the return of the Messiah, some cautions must be understood CLEARLY.

1. No matter how accurate we think we are, adjustments can and will be made as we gain more information and experience. We must not, and can not, hold a stance that “This is it, and we know it all, and it cannot be changed.” That is a stupid stance. Like standing on quicksand and telling those watching you sink that it is solid.
2. Under no circumstances should a true believer stop his/her life because “we understand when things are going to happen.” No selling of property to give to “headquarters.” No running off to a commune to be with the “members” to await the Messiah. No resigning from jobs that support the family. In other words, do NOT change ones regular routine and life. Except for, praying more, studying more, fasting more, growing more, serving more. In other words, carrying on as if nothing is going to happen, even though the world around us is falling apart.

All of the above activities are man made solutions to handling the end time events to come., i.e., sell the home, quit the job, give everything to headquarters, etc. etc. That’s all they are: man made, by frightened men who think they are more special than those around them.

On the other hand, the Father’s solution is to take care of the men and women who truly believe and follow Him. That is His responsibility, and the Scriptures show how He is going to do it. Our “worry” is to live life fully as an example of one who follows the Messiah and His Father.

So, if we are not to do “anything” what’s the difference between the believer and the world? Simple. We will be watching, and learning, and won’t be surprised when these events occur, including the Messiah’s return. To the world, all of this will hit them like a thief in the night with no warning. For, truly, the world will not listen to us, or to the Bible.

So, be WISE and watch, learn, apply, “grow in grace AND knowledge.”

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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