Earthshaking Revolution Coming? — World RELIGIONS to CHANGE? (3)

(PART 3)
All “spiritual” leaders of the world, the Bible KNOWS who and what you ARE.

Modern Ministers will Finally KNOW YHWH.
Throughout Ezekiel there are 65 specific sections that are prophecies. Within these 65 prophetic sections are the 64 reasons for these prophecies. As shown in the previous post, those 64 reasons are specific to various persons, groups and nations.
The first of those listed to “know I am YHWH” are these.

1. The “mountains of Israel.’
2. The “house of Israel.”
3. The “land of Israel.”
4. The “princes of the people.”
5. The “prince of Israel.”
6. The “inhabitants of Jerusalem.”
7. The “prophets of Israel.”
8. The “daughters of Israel that prophesy.”
9. The “elders of Israel.”

There is a great lesson here for all peoples and nations on planet earth. The lesson is this:

YHWH is more than fair to all persons, groups and nations on the planet.

It should be noticed right up front that YHWH places Israel, His “chosen people” first in line. He does not spare them from their sins anymore than any other peoples. Israel is first to bear the brunt of their sins. Then, the other peoples and nations follow in their turn. Now, let’s look at something that one rarely hears about from the modern teachers of the Bible.

As you can see from the first list, the “prophets of Israel, and the daughters of Israel that prophesy are numbers 7 and 8. These are “special” folk, for many reasons.

A “prophet” or “prophetess” is not necessarily a person that foretells the future. The word “prophet” carries with it the meaning of both to “foretell” and to “forth tell.” That is, they may tell the future, but they also forth tell or preach about the Word of YHWH.
Today there is major confusion about the Bible. There are thousands of groups, churches, assemblies, congregations, ministers, pastors, priests, preachers all teaching something different. And, they ALL, without fail, claim what is taught is straight from the Word of YHWH called The BIBLE. Interestingly, this is a blatant violation of I Cor. 1:10-13. Yet, they go on as if nothing is wrong. This “disunity” tells us what the modern preachers are NOT. They are NOT what they claim.

Many of these individuals and groups teach what we call “Bible Prophecy.” Their names are legend. Just turn on a radio, TV or go online and you will find them everywhere. No matter the name, or reputation, they all have one thing in common. What is that? Well, they are all mentioned in prophecy, which they ignore, and they all will come to KNOW what part two of this series clarified from the Bible itself. If you haven’t read part two yet, be sure to do so with your Bible in hand. Read every verse mentioned!

Let’s look then at this group of individuals from a Biblical perspective. What does the Bible itself say about these “prophets” of Israel? It might just shock a few folks, including you. That is, IF you grasp what the Bible is actually telling us.

Modern Prophets and Prophetesses Who Claim to Teach the Bible
Do these individuals really have an insight into the mind and word of the Creator? Let’s see. First, keep this in mind. How many of these public figures have actually called prophecy in advance before the events ever showed up in the news? And, can prove they did it? Now, what does the Bible say about these “famous” forth tellers?

“And the word of YHWH came unto me, saying, Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel that prophesy, and say thou unto them that prophesy OUT OF THEIR OWN HEARTS.” Lesson? There source is NOT the Bible.

“Likewise, thou son of man, set thy face against the daughters of thy people, which prophesy OUT OF THEIR OWN HEART;” Lots of women now claim to be preachers and prophetesses, or get prophetic messages from YHWH. But, in reality it is clear from the results that they prophesy OUT OF THEIR OWN HEART. I.e. they are making it all up, and do not know a thing about what is coming in the future.

As one can well imagine, the modern evangelists, pastors, teachers, ministers, priests, etc. never speak to these Biblical descriptions of themselves! Here’s more:

SPECIFIC Descriptions & Judgments
These “prophets & prophetesses” are describes as being or having or using:

1. Deception
2. Foolishness
3. Slyness
4. Irresponsibility
5 Lying
6. Seduction

Judgments for the above? Here they are:

1. I am against you, says YHWH.
2. My hand will be upon the prophets that see vanity and divine lies.
3. They will not be in the assembly of My people.
4. They will not be written in the writing of the house of Israel.
5. They will not enter into the land of Israel.
6. They will finally, and for the first time, KNOW who YHWH really is.

Now, here is further description of the men and women. Whoever your favorite prophetic preacher is, believe it or not, the Bible describes them clearly.

1. Prophesy out of their own heart.
2. Pretend that YHWH is speaking His word through them.
3. Follow their own spirit.
4. Have not gone up in the gaps to help Israel.
5. Have not made up the hedge to protect Israel and help her stand against her enemies.
6. Have seen vanity and lying divinations and claimed YHWH has spoken to them.
7. Made others to have hope that they would confirm their predictions.
8. Have spoken vanity.
9. Seen lies and uttered them.
10. Seduced the people of YHWH, predicting peace when there is no peace.
11. Built up a wall of hope of untempered morter.

All of the above can be found in the book of Ezekiel. You need to search these out and there is only one way of doing that. Stick your nose in the Bible and start a real reading, research, and study program, for once in your life. The picture there will shock you when you learn the full truth about today’s false teachers, both male and female.

In one account from the Bible, the preaching and teachings of these men and women are clearly described for what they are. It describes a table being prepared with a big meal for those who are coming to eat. What is on the table for the hungry people looking to eat truth? Garbage, slop and worse. Ya’ think YHWH is trying to tell us something about the “prophets”?

It’s time for the warnings to be given to the world. And, those who will be held accountable for a great part of the wickedness of mankind falls right into the lap of the Xtian preachers, teachers, evangelists, pastors, etc. They have already begun to reap their hypocrisy. Many have fallen because of the public finding out the sins of these men and women. Believe it or not, this was prophesied against them. And, it is going to get worse. The public will be amazed more and more as new scandals appear.

What’s the end result of this punishment and judgment against the “spiritual” teachers of the world? It’s coming on them so that, even the preachers will have to “know that I am YHWH.” Not “God,” not “Lord,” or any other such heathen title.

To be continued:

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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