Earthshaking Revolution Coming? — World RELIGIONS to CHANGE? (2)

(Part 2)
Earthshaking Revolution Coming? — World RELIGIONS to CHANGE? (2)

What’s the problem with most teachings on the Bible, and or Prophecy, and or Doctrine? Why the worst problem one can have, IF one wishes to become one of those Daniel calls the “wise.” That problem is, everyone reads what a human author writes and ignores checking up in the Bible whether it is true or not. Well, here, IF you are a truly sincere and honest searcher for the truth, you will have to begin reading the Bible itself. This is one reason we don’t spend money, time and research on producing magazines, books, lessons, etc. They are a distraction to keep you from the Bible. It is time for YOU to stick your nose in the Bible and learn what it really says! That can only be done in this manner: “… search the Scriptures DAILY to see if these things are so.”

With that in mind, let’s continue this subject by offering you a list of Scriptures. They will give you, for the first time to most of you, the reason behind end-time Bible Prophecy. And, they will also knock in the head another false teaching of the majority of Xtianity. Do you know what that false teaching is? It’s best you figure it out yourself by reading these verses. Ask this as you read, What or Who is this talking about? Then ask What does that word mean in the Hebrew text that is ignored by Xtianity as a whole? And, by the way, the rest of the world too.

LIST of the SIMPLE Reason for Prophecy. The WHY of PROPHECY for Mankind.

The Messiah gave another list for His Disciples. But here is the list for mankind as a whole.

As an interesting insight for you, as you read these 64 verses IN YOUR BIBLE, think about this. In Greek, and Hebrew, the letters of the alphabet also are the numbers of the language. So, each word has a numerical value. This is not mystical, or numerology, it just a simple fact. Knowing that, it is interesting to note that the word”‘truth” in NT Greek, and “Israel” in Hebrew when looked at as numbers, and when those numbers are added up, they both = 64. Now, the list:

1. Ez. 6:7
2. Ez. 6:10
3. Ez. 6:13
4. Ez. 6:14
5. Ez. 7:4
6. Ez. 7:9
7. Ez. 7:27
8. Ez. 11:10
9. Ez. 11:12
10. Ez. 12:15
11. Ez. 12:16
12. Ez. 12:20
13. Ez. 13:9
14. Ez. 13:14
15. Ez. 13:23
16. Ez. 14:8
17. Ez. 16:62
18. Ez. 17:21
19. Ez. 20:20
20. Ez. 20:26
21. Ez. 20:38
22. Ez. 20:42
23. Ez. 20:44
24. Ez. 22:16
25. Ez. 23:49
26. Ez. 24:24
27. Ez. 24:27
28. Ez. 25:5
29. Ez. 25:7
30. Ez. 25:11
31. Ez. 25:14
32. Ez. 25:17
33. Ez. 26:6
34. Ez. 28:22
35. Ez. 28:23
36. Ez. 28:26
37. Ez. 29:6
38. Ez. 29:9
39. Ez. 29:16
40. Ez. 29:21
41. Ez. 30:8
42. Ez. 30:19
43. Ez. 30:26
44. Ez. 32:15
45. Ez. 33:29
46. Ez. 34:27
47. Ez. 34:30
48. Ez. 35:4
49. Ez. 35:9
50. Ez. 35:12
51. Ez. 35:15
52. Ez. 36:11
53. Ez. 36:23
54. Ez. 36:36
55. Ez. 36:38
56. Ez. 37:13
57. Ez. 37:14
58. Ez. 37:28
59. Ez. 38:16
60. Ez. 38:23
61. Ez. 39:6
62. Ez. 39;7
63. Ez. 39:22
64. Ez. 39:28

As you can see, there are 64 clear verses on what the real reason for prophecy is. The human mind may not like this as a reason, of course. But, that is the exact reason prophecy must now be fulfilled in all its ramifications. Then, and ONLY THEN will mankind listen to its Creator. Without these prophecies coming to pass man will continue on in his carnal natural way. And, believe it or not, that would bring an even greater catastrophe on mankind, much greater than the Biblical prophecies to happen in “this” generation.

Now, having read ALL the verses, can you grasp what the real reason is, and why, YHWH gave us prophecy, written in advance, so that when prophecies occur no one can say, “Oh, just a coincidence.” Or, “That’s only your interpretation.” Watch, as these things begin to actually happen, the world’s religions WILL change to the worship of YHWH, and Him ONLY.

Also, once these prophecies happen, mankind will have to admit one more thing, and it is this:

Ez. 33:33

There are two other indirect verses Ez. 5:13, 5:15.

To be continued: In the next post we will list the peoples, groups, and nations these 64 verses are aimed at. Then, following that we will begin posting what is to happen to these peoples, groups, and nations. As these prophecies begin to happen, more and more to these specific “targets” the faster they will change their religion and turn to the Mighty One of the Bible.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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