The 14 Basic Lies Used to Program People into Believing in Evolution.

These lies are not to be blamed on a single individual. The many men and women in early “science” came to a “consensus” that these were valid statements. However, they are lies.

Everyone seems to know about the famous Scopes Trial. Well, the adviser to the evolution side was a geologist named Kirtley F. Mather, Professor of Geology in Harvard University.

The decision in the case was based directly, or indirectly on these lies. But, strangely, we never hear about them. At the time these lies came to be accepted as fact, and used to deceive others into the teaching of evolution. Do an Internet search using Mr. Mather’s name and you can read about his influence in the case. Now, to the lies:

1. “The geologist believes that man is child of Old Mother Earth.” [This is the title of Mr. Mather’s book, published in 1929.] “Again, in the picturesque language of the literature of ancient Palestine, as recorded in the book of Genesis, the patriarchs described man as formed of the dust of the ground. To them, as to us, man was an offspring of the earth; the earth was his mother.”

2. “Over its FLAT surface was arched the solid firmament of the heavens; around or above it, moved the sun, moon and stars; but modern astronomy has removed the earth very far from that position of prime importance and central splendor.”

3. “In very truth, the earth is merely a third-rate planet in a second-rate system belonging to one of many assemblages of stars.

4. “Neither the sun nor the earth occupies a central position in the known universe.” [Yet they say no matter where an observer stands, it appears he is in the center.]

5. “The history of this planet in the solar system must be measured in units of hundreds of millions of years.” but he goes on “Just how many of those units are involved in the earth’s past we CANNOT tell with exactness, but in all PROBABILITY they will aggregate at least a billion years.” [That PROBABILITY has changed several times since the 1920’s.]

6. “Man is a young species of ANIMAL.”

7. “There are ,to be sure, extinct species of genus homo, of mankind, which go back hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million years, but that is another story.”

8. With considerable optimism we reach the conclusion that the golden age for Homo sapiens is in the future rather than in the past; that mankind is now in a state of youthful plasticity; that human nature is not yet definitely determined.”

9. “We must therefore get well acquainted with Old Mother Earth and her MOODS.” [A first glimpse of the “goddess religion” followed by science and a-theism.]

10. “Such displays of natural force are necessary to make the earth the pleasant abode for man which we find it to be to-day.” [Goes against their claim that earthquakes, etc. are from an EVIL G-D.]

11. Man accused of climate change. By…guess what? “There have been no changes in the climate during that time; it is not so much a matter of deforestation; it is in large part the building of dikes and levees themselves. Man is to blame.” i.e blamed for floods.

12. “But Old Mother Earth is a very wise mother. Not only does she CHALLENGE man to solve the problems which she sets for him, she also WHISPERS suggestions as to the method of solution.” [So, the “goddess” thinks and is wise? But not the Creator?]

13. “Knowledge thus gained has made man powerful. The last half century especially has witnessed much progress in the task of ‘subduing’ the earth.”

14. “Trusting to Providence or trusting to luck that I will not be harmed are two of our commonest iniquities.”

Taken from Chapter One, Old Mother Earth, pps. 3-13. On the surface these lies seem so right, so good, so human. But, each one is built on a totally false assumption, premise and CONSENSUS.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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