$5 TRILLION Dollar Debt Man?

Think this has anything to do with this prophecy?

Deuteronomy 28:43-44, “The sojourner [stranger, not natural born] who is in your midst will RISE UP HIGH ABOVE YOU [how much higher can one get than Pres.?] and you will go down far below. He will PUT YOU IN DEBT and you will not put him in debt. He will become the HEAD and you will become the tail.” Sound familiar? The Five Books of Moses, Robert Alter, c.2004. Notice this was translated way before 2008. And written THOUSANDS of years before 2008. Is the Bible accurate or what?

Now read this:

The $5 Trillion Man: Debt Has Increased Under Obama by $5,027,761,476,484.56

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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