The Angel’s Final Evangel — Is It What YOU Think?

The Angel’s Final Evangel — Is It What YOU Think?

Ah yes, the “gospel.” The four gospels, the gospel of Yahshua Anointed, gospel music, gospel book stores, gospel singers, preachers, churches. On and on it goes. Then, there is the “gospel” preached by an angel in heaven. This is mentioned in Rev. 14:6,7.

And, as usual, the most prevalent teaching on this is that the “gospel” is once again preached to the world by an angel. The same “gospel” of Yahshua, Paul, etc. The “gospel of salvation.”

One of the most misused words in churchianity is “gospel.” It is applied to things that it definitely does not apply to, and the word “gospel” doesn’t even mean what the preserved Greek text says. But, what’s new in this age where Satan has deceived the whole world. Not “may have deceived,” but, has deceived. And, not just part of the world but the entire world, including those who profess to believe the Scriptures.

Let’s look then at the standard English work describing this “gospel” given by an angel.

And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting GOSPEL to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, saying with a loud voice, ‘Fear Elohim’, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come: and worship Him that made heaven and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.” KJV Rev. 14:6-7.

That’s clear, right? It is the ‘everlasting’ gospel.’ That must mean the one and same ‘gospel’ preached by the Messiah, and the disciples over the centuries. Right? Let’s see.


The eonian evangel (normally called “gospel.”) Has not only been confused by faulty translation, but has been pervertedly applied TODAY, in this administration of the grace of Elohim, simply because it happens to contain the word “gospel!”

First, if we are to think and understand and believe in accord with the inspired revelation of Elohim, we must MEASURE OUR THINKING by “a pattern of sound words” expressing exactly and precisely what YHWH said in the original Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.

And, concerning this subject, concordant study and research in the original Scriptures reveal that YHWH, in making known His purpose in Messiah, used the word OLAM in the Hebrew some 500 times, and the word AIOON in the Greek, 199 times.

The words are synonyms, and denote the longest measures of time revealed in the Scriptures, the beginnings and endings being always marked off by some Providential event. Our English word EON expresses the correct concordant meaning of the original words.

The NOUN forms of the word is EONIAN in English. It occurs 71 times, and denotes that which relates to or belongs in an eon or eons. The words have been incorrectly, misleadingly and self-destructively translated “for-ever,” “eternal,” “everlasting,” “world without end,” and “end of the world”! However, by holding in mind the concordant and SCRIPTURAL MEANING of the words, as here explained, the reader will be able to follow a correct translation of the text and context of our subject with understanding and realization of what YHWH has made known concerning “the EONIAN EVANGEL” or as falsely labeled, gospel in the Scripture. Again Rev. 14:6-7 which reads:

“And I perceived another messenger flying in mid-heaven, having an EONIAN EVANGEL to bring to those situated on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and language and people, saying with a loud voice, ’Be ye afraid of Elohim and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judging came; and worship the Maker of heaven and the land and the sea and springs of water.’”

Thoughtful, through thinking by the reader concerning all that is said in this Scripture, especially giving consideration as to THE ONE “preaching” or BRINGING this “message of ‘good news,’” improperly translated “gospel”, and THE TIME to which it REFERS, will find the following facts for recognition, namely,

1. The “preaching” or bringing of this EVANGEL is done “with a loud voice” by an “angel” or messenger FLYING IN MID-HEAVEN’
2. This EONIAN EVANGEL is found only ONE time in the Scriptures.
3. It is specifically ordained for THE HOUR OF THE JUDGING OF ELOHIM, in the future day of His wrath under the SEVENTH TRUMPET, which CONCLUDES this present wicked EON (Mt. 13:37-43; Rev. 11:14-19; 14:6-20).
4. There is no grace, faith, justification, conciliation, reconciliation, or the hope of glory to be found in the message as we find in the “wellness message” or EVANGEL of our salvation which YHWH has graciously provided and ordained for us today in the administration of His GRACE.

Careful consideration of these facts unmistakably reveal that the message of this EONIAN EVANGEL is prophetically ordained for the future time of YHWH’s judging in the earth. A time when the ekklesia will have finished its work, and is no longer available or used to warn mankind further. And, a time when the administration of YHWH’s grace has been superseded by His administration of indignation.

The burden of the angel’s message is FEAR — “Be ye afraid of Elohim and give glory to Him.” Mankind is called upon to worship Elohim as Maker or Creator if they are to escape His judging. It is the COUNTER MESSAGE of YHWH, from heaven, to that of the False prophet on the earth at the conclusion of the eon.

At that time the False prophet will call on all mankind to worship the WILD-BEAST or ANTIMESSIAH and the dragon, as may be learned by reading Revelation 13:1-5.

Then, and then only will the “angel” or messenger fly through mid-heaven and herald with a loud voice this “eonian evangel” — the last “evangel” YHWH will bring to mankind in THIS EON. Those who fear YHWH and give glory to Him, and worship Him as Maker or Creator, will escape the judging of His awful wrath that is to be visited upon the sons of Stubbornness (Eph. 5:6; Col. 3:5-6; Rev 16 chapter).

Too often, unconverted men, uninspired men and/or the inexperienced in the faith try to explain the Scriptures. Instead of doing diligent research they make false connections without understanding. For example, they teach, the “gospel” is all the same and one “gospel” in Scripture. So, therefore, the angel’s “gospel” MUST be the same as Paul’s, Peter’s, Yahshua’s, etc. Well, it isn’t and the novice not only misleads himself, but millions of others.

In this case, the word “gospel,” as we have been showing, is an incorrect word to use. Secondly, churchianity’s teachers are just carrying on “church doctrine” in spite of clear Scripture teaching.

Finally, let me suggest this to those of you looking for the truth of the Bible itself. You would be best served in studying and accepting the Evangel, “wellness message” now being presented to the world. The real Evangel of Scripture for mankind now. And, avoiding, at all cost, having to wait for the evangel of FEAR spoken once by the angel to come. NOW is your time to act. Seek the truth while it is still available.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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