How the A-theist PROVES the Bible TRUE, Every Day! (1)

Ever wonder why the A-theist hates the Bible? Well, here are several dozen reasons. Could it have anything to do with a perfect description of them today? You think?

From the Book of Psalms:

How the A-theist
PROVES the Bible TRUE,
Every Day!

Because the knowledge of Elohim
may be seen IN them
Elohim having made it clear to them.” Romans 1:19

Someone knew in advance, thousands of years ago, there would be a certain kind of individual today. Under inspiration they wrote about these individuals, way before they ever came on the scene.

In all historical records found, those mentioning the a-theist, or what we call a-theist today, never described an a-theist as one who denied the existence of a deity. A-theists then only denied the “gods” of others. In fact, the ancient peoples of Rome called Christians “a-theists.” Yet, today, following a modern trend set by the Greek philosophers, and others, the modern a-theist began to appear. Still, not till the modern era did the militant a-theist appear who actually denied the existence of ANY deity. This, is the a-theist described in the Bible. This modern day a-theist was foretold in the Bible thousands of years ago, before they ever existed in the modern form. AND, this is the a-theist one finds today posting on various blogs, on HP, and other Internet sites. So, we salute you, the a-theist today who, with every single post, proves beyond any doubt the Bible was and is accurate. You are the modern proof of the existence of YHWH and the proof the Bible is true, and does make accurate forecasts.

With that in mind, here are Biblical descriptions of the militant hard nosed unconverted a-theist we see today:

1. Happy the man who never goes by the advice of the UNGODLY i.e. A-theist. Psa. 1:1
2. Not so the UNGODLY! No, they are like chaff swept away by the wind; i.e fantasies 1:4
3. … many are saying of me, ‘There is no help for him in Elohim.’ 3:2
4. Proud men, how long will you be so misguided, loving to deal in libels, eager on vain intrigues? 4:2
5. For in their talk there is not truth, their hearts are deep with mischief, their throats are open graves — smooth-tongued deceivers!. 5:9
6. the scoundrel is alive with malice, hatching mischief and deception;. 7:14
7. The UNGODLY are haughty and harry the downtrodden — 10:2
8. The UNGODLY boasts of his rapacity; the plunderer disowns, despises YHWH. 10:3
9. he thinks in his insolence, ‘Elohim never punishes’; 10:4
10. his thoughts amount to this, ‘There is no Elohim at all’; 10:4
11. he laughs at any who oppose him, thinking he can never fail, never come to grief. 10:6
12. His talk is all of perjury and craft, mischief and injury slip from his tongue. 10:7
13. And he thinks, ‘Elohim has forgotten.’ ‘He hides his face.’ ‘He never sees.’ 10:11
14. [Why a-thests can’t understand or receive miracles, etc.] For just is YHWH, he loves justice; so, the upright ALONE enjoy his favour.” 11:7
15. they talk with flattering lips and double minds. 12:2
16. men who declare, ‘We give rein to our tongue: our lips are our own: who calls us to account?’ 12:4
17. Profane men think, ‘There is no Elohim.’ 14:1
18. DEPRAVED their lives are and DETESTABLE, 14:1
19. He whose life is blameless, who does right, he whose words are from the heart — NO scandal on his tongue, to hurt his fellow, no INSULT heaped upon his neighbour; he has contempt for rogues, and honours those who reverence YHWH. 15:2-4 [how the believer differs from the a-theist.]
20. the ungodly…Their hearts are closed to pity, their words are insolent: 17:9-10
21. … so insolent in pride and scorn against the just! 31:18
22. An impious spirit inspires the UNGODLY man; 36:1
23. there is no fear of Elohim before his eyes. 36:1
24. He is flattering himself that his iniquity will never be found out. 36:2
25. His words are mischievous and deceitful, 36:3
26. He loathes not evil. 36:4
27. The GODLESS man makes plots against the good, gnashing his teeth at them, 37:12
28. The GODLESS man spies on the good, 37:32 As in constantly trying to find things against Ray or others.
29. Thwarted and appalled be they who TAUNT me [David] with their SCOFFS. 40:15
30. …TAUNTING me all day with ‘Where is your Elohim?’ 42:10
31. …CRAFTY and MALIGNANT men. 43:1
32. Here is what the a-theist avoids like the plague: Elohim’s sacrifice is a soul with its evil crushed: a heart broken with penitence O Elohim, never wilt thou despise. 51:17
33. Why glory in your MALICE… 52:1
34. Evil you prefer to good, falsehood to honesty; 52:3
35. Profane men think, ‘There is no Elohim!’ Depraved their lives are and detestable, not one of them does right. 53:1
36. …from all their STORMING and CONFUSION from their DOUBLE TONGUES. 54:8
37. …his talk was smoother than butter, but his thoughts were of enmity; his words were softer than oil, yet sharp as a sword. 55:21
38. … lax lawless creatures with no reverence for Elohim. 55:19
39. … they are in league for evil… 56:6
40. Evil men go astray from the start, false and erring from their birth,.. 58:3
41. …their venom like a viper’s; they are deaf as any cobra,… 58:4
42. They snarl and snarl like dogs, 59:6
43. … there they are, blustering, arrogant, insults on their lips — for ‘Who’ they think ‘will hear us?’ 59:7
44. Each word they utter is a sin; so let their own PRIDE trap them, for all their PERJURY and FALSE talk. 59:12
45. … from GANGS of evil doers, whetting their tongue like a sword, and aiming BITTER WORDS like arrows, to shoot in secret at the honest man, shooting suddenly and unafraid. 64:2-4
46. They work out their DARK design, they talk of laying intrigues; for who, they think, will see them? 64:5
47. They have thought their plan out well, each with a CUNNING heart, each in his DEEP CRAFT. 64:5-6
48. Thwarted and appalled be they who TAUNT and SCOFF. 70:3
49. …the GODLESS… So they VAUNT them in their PRIDE, and FLAUNT them in rough INSOLENCE; VICE oozes from their very soul, their minds are RANK and RIOTOUS, their talk is MOCKING and MALICIOUS… 73:6-8
50. So people turn to them, and see no wrong in them, thinking, ‘What does Elohim care? 73:10-11
51. Remember how the impious SCOFF at thee all day long; [“thee” here = Elohim] 74:22
52. … for wicked men talk loud AGAINST me, FALSELY charging me; they beset me with their words of MALICE, they ATTACK me WANTONLY; they return ENMITY for love; 109:2-5
53. Why should ‘pagans’ SNEER, ‘Where is that Elohim of theirs?’ 115;2
54. …the UNGODLY who FORSAKE thy law. 119:53
55. …their minds are gross and dull..119:70
56. Insolent creatures, reckless of thy law,… 119:85
57. The UNGODLY are FAR FROM help, for they have no mind to thy laws. 119:155
58. …apostates…will not obey thy law. 119:158
59. for we have had our fill and more, of SCORN and SNEERS, from ARROGANT creatures living at their ease. 123:4
60. …those who in their hearts plot evil, all the time making mischief, their tongue sharp as a snake, with vipers’ venom on their lips. 140:2-3

Here is a short webinar presentation on this subject. WEBINAR

In the next article we will present the verses from the Proverbs that illustrate the a-theist.
All quotes from the Psalms are from the James Moffatt translation.

By comparing these descriptions with a-theist writings and other media, it becomes obvious at once that the Bible has presented them accurately. And, don’t forget, these writings were written thousands of years ago, not yesterday.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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