STEP THREE — the 7 Word KEY

OK, here they are. The SEVEN WORDS that open the Bible.

I’m sure the majority of first viewers will not recognize these SEVEN words. At least, not in this form. However, you will recognize this: In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth.

What you just read is the English translation of the SEVEN Hebrew words that begin the book of Genesis. SEVEN words, no more, no less.

These SEVEN words are the KEY to opening all of the Bible to our understanding. As we continue through this series of articles and videos, you will come to see how jam-packed they are with information. With these SEVEN words one can unlock marvelous Biblical “secrets” not understood until now. Again, I suggest you avoid the question WHY?, for right now. In most cases, the answer will become obvious as we proceed. When you discover the answers by yourself, they will stick. They will be yours. And, that is what these SEVEN words lead to: SELF-discovery. Learning and understanding that you can never really forget.

So, let’s list these SEVEN words for you, add the charts, and then watch the short video. Here are the words:

1. Bereshith
2. bara
3. Elohim
4. ATh
5. Ha-Shemayim
6. Wa-ATh
7. Ha-aaretz.

For right now, just notice the word in place number 4. This word is not translated into English. But, notice its LOCATION. This IS IMPORTANT for the future. Also, the “h” at the end is just placed there for helping sound out the word. In the Hebrew there are only TWO letters, the English equivalent of A and T. Keep in mind that these TWO LETTERS are a WORD. WORD. Reading John 1:1, and Revelation 1:11 and 21:6 just might help you SELF-discover something here.

Before clicking on the chart below, consider this first. These SEVEN words in the chart DO NOT CHANGE. However, when we overlay TIME or EVENTS over them, then the order of the TIME and EVENTS statements change. Remember the two ways of counting to SEVEN? Well, those two changes are necessary. Remember, I believe until now, this “secret” has never been published before. Nor, more than likely, has anyone till now ever seen what you are now seeing for yourself for the very first time.

OK, let’s talk about the chart below. You will be able to read the SEVEN WORD KEY, and see how the TWO counting methods are set up. You should already remember that part. Just imagine, that when you are working with the Bible you would overlay one or the other counting methods ON the SEVEN WORDS.

Here’s the chart, just click on it for a better view:

Now that you have done that, it’s time for the short video instruction: STEP THREE — The 7 Word KEY
[And, watch for the surprise visit of my lovely wife!]

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STEP THREE — The 7 Word KEY from Bob Petry on Vimeo.

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