Let’s open the door to the “Tardis Effect” and begin mastering the Bible.
In the beginning it only takes the understanding of three simple concepts.

These three simple concepts are”

1. The BODY
2. TIME, and

That’s it. Couldn’t be simpler.

Oh, just one thing more. You must be able to count to SEVEN from the number 1. And, that without hesitation.
That is, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. And, you must know your RIGHT from your LEFT. I’m sure none of us has any problem with that so far.

Let’s now talk about the first concept, the BODY.

“He is the HEAD of the body,,,” Gal. 1:18

Several times the analogies using the body are given in the New Testament.

So, we will follow suit and also use the analogy of the BODY to open the SEVEN words from he Bible that will make us an expert and scholar of the Scriptures. We will use the image of SEVEN parts of the body to begin. Why SEVEN? The Bible is a book already loaded with SEVENS. And, there is a very good reason for this. Let’s see.

“Studies show that both reading and memory require attention. You can consciously attend to SEVEN, plus or minus TWO, different bits of information at one time. (That is why Ma Bell originally made phone numbers SEVEN digits long.) In other words, you have approximately SEVEN units of attention available at any moment.

“Research also indicates that fixing ONE unit of attention on a SINGLE point helps you effectively focus your other available units of attention when reading. WHERE you fix your point of attention is important…” p. 27, PhotoReading, Paul R. Scheele, M.A.

What SEVEN parts of the BODY are we to use? The ONE head, TWO shoulders, TWO elbows, and TWO wrists & hands. In addition to that, we must know the RIGHT side from the LEFT side. That’s it. From here on, everything gets easier.

Take a look at the following chart to get your first glimpse of the secret to unlimited knowledge and understanding. And, the secret to make YOU an expert and scholar of the Bible. You can click on the image to see a larger version.

Please take note, the HEAD will be our FOCUS OF ATTENTION when using this graphic.

In the next video we will cover the TIME and EVENTS part. Another simple addition to our “Tardis Effect.”

Now, take a look at the current video: STEP ONE — MASTERING the Bible.

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STEP ONE — Mastering the Bible. from Bob Petry on Vimeo.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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