BIBLICAL PROPHECY? — The Greatest Failure of Modern Times?

Bible prophecy? Is it as accurate as claimed? Can we know the immediate future ahead of us based on reading the Bible? Specifically, through reading the “Bible Prophets?” Has anyone today actually used Biblical prophecy to call any events before they happened? That is, before the events hit the news, not after the fact? That answer is, YES!


Before it ever hit the news the following prophetic events were broadcast on live TV days, weeks, months and years before they occurred. And BEFORE they were ever news media events.

1. The restrictions on Arafat, and his death.
2. September 11, 2001.
3. Gaza being given to the Palestinians.
4. That there would be a Palestinian State.
5. The Iraq war.
6. What is called today “The Arab Spring.”
And, several more still to occur just ahead of us.


Ask a non-believer if they believe in Biblical prophecy. They will tell you, absolutely not. Yet, Biblical prophecy is touted as one of the seven proofs that a Creator exists. In particular, YHWH, the supreme being of the Hebrew Scriptures.

When presented with a prophetic event the skeptic today is “well armed” to rebut any claim to prophecy told in advance, especially from the Bible. For example, one of the primary prophecies used is that of the destruction of ancient Tyre. The skeptic will point out that the prophecy is not true. Why? They say the prophecy claims not even an Arab tent will be set up there. Surprise, Arab tents are set up there.

Another one is the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. That is supposed to fulfill the prophecy that ALL the stones would be torn down. Guess what? They are right. There are still stones in the walls that stand to this day. Then there is the one in Ezekiel about Egypt being destroyed for 40 years. The skeptic claims that Nebuchadnezzar did not fulfill that prophecy, and that the forty years have never occured. Those who stand behind these prophecies as having happened, are often stymied on how to answer these true rebuttals. There is a simple answer. And, that answer is usually not accepted by the believer or the non-believer, especially the a-theist. That answer is this: These prophecies are still to occur in the future just ahead of us.
No wonder the skeptic is a skeptic. Too often, they have been correct. Biblical prophecy, as presented today, is way off base.

Let’s look at just one more prophetic teaching that keeps skeptics as skeptics. That prophetic teaching is in Mt. 24, Mk. 13, and Lk. 21. This teaching is often called the “Olivet Prophecy.” This teaching includes earthquakes, famine, wars and rumors of wars, and other disasters. These are presented to the world as evidence the Bible is true. Why, one can read about them in the newspaper, listen on the radio and see them on TV. But, the skeptic is unmoved. Why? Because he is right in saying, “but, these have always been happening.” True enough, they have and are happening. So, what is wrong with the way this teaching is presented that helps keep skeptics skeptics? Again, a very simple answer. They haven’t happened yet. What? you say. That’s impossible. No it isn’t. The problem is this. Too often the Bible believer is so eager to prove the Bible that they jump to conclusions, or assumptions, and present those to the world as what the Bible teaches. Here, again, they are wrong. One simple change in viewpoint, and one has the answer. The events mentioned in those three chapters are not isolated events. When it mentions earthquakes, for instance, it is not referring to the occasional earthquake. It is referring to a time when all the world is having earthquakes, all over the world at the same time. And, that are repeating almost, if not totally, daily. The same with the other events, including wars and rumors of war. We are not at the fulfillment stage of these events yet. They are still a few years ahead of us. But, when they finally happen, there will then be no mistake or misunderstanding about them. Everyone will know what is happening and why.

The BIGGEST MISTAKE in Bible Prophecy

In spite of the above examples, there is a real and bigger mistake made by those who profess to teach Bible prophecy. And, it is a critical mistake. Let me say here, though, that this mistake is not the only one made. There are others the world overlooks, and, over time we will explain them, but for now this is a major one. And, frankly, there is no excuse for making it. So, why is it made? Ignorance for one thing. And, because those who try to jump the gun in teaching prophecy, which they don’t understand, don’t believe what the Bible tells them. It clearly tells them that prophecy will NOT be understood by anyone but the WISE in the end of days. And, that any understanding before those “end of days” will be just plain wrong.

What is this major flaw in modern teaching about Biblical prophecy? Again, a simple truth. Modern Bible students of prophecy always leave out the most important prophets, and prophecies, that are for our day. In other words, it’s like reading E=MC, and leaving out the “squared” part of the formula. Let me show you what I mean using “modern instruction” on the prophets and prophecy in the Bible. That is, what is currently taught about prophecy. When we get through, you will see what has been missing stand out like a sore thumb, that is, until now.

The Ancient Prophets of Israel

In this section I plan to quote from a standard work about prophecy. However, I’m not going to give the source. Why? Because you can pick up almost any commentary and find this in different words. And, secondly, in order not to embarrass the author or publisher. So, let’s take a look at the standard basic teaching:

“There are many Old Testament prophets, most of whom prophesied to the land and people of Judah. However, some prophesied to Israel. Some writers divide these prophets into the MAJOR and MINOR prophets. This is done because some are more prominent than others. However, it is not our purpose to classify one of these prophets above the other, but simply to give a chronological table depicting the pre-captivity prophets, the captivity prophets and the post-captivity prophets. We mean by this, those who prophesied before the captivity of Judah, those who prophesied during the time of this captivity and those who prophesied after the captivity.”

Please notice the MAJOR and MINOR classification. A clue for you, something is left out. But what? Let’s go on and see if it clears up.

“A. Those prophesying before the exile of Judah:
1. Isaiah
2. Micah
3. Nahum
4. Habakkuk
5. Zephaniah
6. Jeremiah

B. Those prophesying before the exile and to Israel (ten tribes in the north):
1. Amos
2. Hosea
3. Obadiah
4. Joel

C. Prophesying to Nineveh before the Exile:
1 Jonah

D. Those prophesying during the exile or captivity were:
1. Ezekiel
2. Daniel

E. Those prophesying after the captivity were:
1. Haggai
2. Zachariah
3. Malachi

A close study of this table will enable the student to properly understand the Old Testament prophet.”

Did you notice what was missing? You didn’t? Why not, especially if you are a student of Bible prophecy? Let’s take a further look at the basic modern teaching:


Pre-Exile Books
Isaiah (written to Judah)
Jeremiah (to Judah)
Hosea (to Judah with references made to Israel)
Joel (to Judah)
Amos (to Israel)
Obadiah (to Edom)
Jonah (probably the first prophet of Israel; his message to Nineveh)
Micah (to Judah; his messages concern Samaria and Judah)
Nahum (against Nineveh)
Habakkuk (a prophecy against the Chaldeans)
Zephaniah (to Judah with denunciations of Philistia, Moab, Ethiopia and others)

Exile Prophets
Both of these prophets spoke to the children of Judah, while in captivity or exile.

Post-Exile Prophets
Haggai (to Judah and concerning the rebuilding of the temple)
Zachariah (to Judah after the return)
Malachi (to Israel)”

Well, there you have the basic teaching of the Biblical prophets and books. Do you see what is missing? If not, you have been making the same mistake all the other Bible prophecy pundits have been making for centuries. So, what’s missing?


Let me say at the moment that unless one reads the Bible in the correct order he or she will always miss this key. This comes from the rejection by the Christian world of the proper order of the Biblical books (scrolls). It is, believe it or not, impossible to fully understand Biblical prophecy if the correct order of both the Hebrew and Greek scriptures is ignored. And, the world, till now, has totally ignored the correct order. They have deceived themselves into believing the order is just a minor formality with no meaning or import.

Now, let’s look at a Biblical statement that makes no sense based on the above understanding of the prophets and prophetic books. “Be ye not as your fathers, unto whom the FORMER PROPHETS have cried…”

Another statement says to pay attention to the “former prophets.”

“Should ye not hear the words which YHWH hath cried by the FORMER PROPHETS…?”

Now, I ask you, who are those former prophets? And, what are the former prophet books? Do you know? Most people don’t know the answer. Yet, one of the great prophetic books of the Bible tells us to INCLUDE the former prophets when it comes to understanding prophecy. People read them all the time. But, they never associate them with what they are, prophecies.

All teachers of Bible prophecy, that I am familiar with, never mention, or include the former prophets in their teaching. That is, as prophecy. Here is how serious that is. Because they ignore the former prophets they cannot put prophecy together properly. In fact, it is only at this time in history that these prophets are to be revealed for what they are. And, that is exactly what we are finally doing, for you.

Further, all these teachers are leaving out, believe it or not, SIX prophetic books. In the correct order though, these are counted as only TWO books. Be that as it may, that is an awful lot of information to be leaving out when trying to understand Biblical prophecy.

Do YOU want to understand real prophecy from the Bible? And, do YOU want to get it right? Well, if you do, there are two basic requirements. Without these two, you will only understand the old standard worn out incorrect prophetic teachings. Here are those two requirements:

1. You MUST be one of the WISE spoken of by Daniel. And, you cannot make yourself one of them. It is done by YHWH, our Father in heaven. And,
2. You MUST read the six (two) Hebrew books as prophecy and not as history. The history part is actually in two other books that should be counted as one.


Now that we’ve called this to your attention, I’m sure you are asking, “Well, what are those six former prophetic books?”

I’m glad you asked. You should memorize this next statement.

IF you are the WISE spoken of by Daniel, you will instantly KNOW what those books are. And, IF you are the WISE spoken of by Daniel, you will KNOW how to properly use those six (two) books to understand prophecy. And, further, IF you are the WISE spoken of by Daniel, you will know where to go for more understanding.

Do you understand? The WISE do, and will!

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.