Bible’s “SECRET WEAPON” Revealed: Part Two

Part 2.
I hope all will read part 1 first, and then read these in order.

1. A typical challenge might run like this.  [BB = Bible Believer, CB = Critic of Bible]

BB: You agree that gravity exists, right?
CB: Of course.
BB: Therefore, this is a law. It is called the “Law of Gravity.” A law has to have a Lawgiver. This proves the Bible true, and/or that “God” exists.
CB: I beg your pardon. Where in the Bible is gravity mentioned? Where is it promised we would have gravity? Where in the Bible does it say that gravity is a law? Therefore, a law, not even in the Bible, does not demand a Lawgiver. There is no “god.” And, the Bible isn’t true. Where is there a test in the Bible we can use to prove “god” created gravity?
BB: Don’t you know you are a sinner and need salvation….?????

2. What just happened? The same thing that happens too often. CB thinks through his negative attack he has won, and  BB reverts to “please get saved.” Stalemate.

3. This leads to an interesting question: Is there something surprising lurking within the “negative responses” of CB that might end up shocking CB when he is hit with it? The answer is yes. For, within the Bible, hidden in plain sight for centuries is the secret bombshell evidence that cannot be denied. It can be made fun of by those caught by it to try and defuse this bomb, but it is still there, and is devastating.

4. The “scientific method” in its various explanations makes a claim. That claim is, once something is established it should be repeatable with the same results every time. When it can, then we have an established scientific result. Now, please realize I’m paraphrasing the “scientific method” not trying to give it verbatim.

5. Therefore, hidden within the Scriptures waiting for the right time to jump out and shock a few folks is such a test. In fact, dozens of them that never fail. I’ll start with just one of them, and if need be, present more as we go.

6. Once the first test is learned and tested we will end up with real evidence, or we will end up with lies by those who have the evidence trying to deny desperately that evidence. All kinds of other things will be grasped at to try and negate what cannot be negated.

7. Plus, once this first test is revealed, those who have a real interest will know what to look for in Scripture to present more of these tests. They NEVER will fear the negative attacks from a-theist/evolutionists again, ever.

End of part 2.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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