Bible’s “SECRET WEAPON” Revealed: Part Three

Part 3.

Soon, we can begin our first test, or experiment, that will be repeatable 100% of the time, IF there is no lying. For, we are going to test constantly a claim made about the Bible and the Creator. But first:

1. Remember, I mentioned how old the Bible was. It was written way before our day.

2. Also, remember this, a-theism as we know it today is a very modern invention. Until modern times it was never, it appears, used as we use the term a-theism today. For example:

A. Ency. Brit. 11ed. “The cry of the heathen populace in the Roman empire against the Christians was ‘Away with the ATHEISTS! To the lions with the Christians.”– Atheism
Now, that’s a little curious. Christians were the a-theists then. So, the word had a different meaning.

B. “In other words, ‘atheism’ has been used generally by the orthodox adherents of one religion, or even of a single sect, for all beliefs which are different or even differently expressed.” –ibid.

C. “Socrates was charged with ‘not believing in the gods the city believes in.'” — ibid.

D. “Thus history shows how readily the term has been used in the most haphazard manner to describe even the most trivial divergence of opinion concerning points of dogma.” — ibid.

So, we can see from these, and much more, get and read the full article yourself, that a-theism as we discuss in our day is much different than in ancient times, clear up to modern days.

That means, for instance, when the Bible describes a-theism, or an a-theist, it is describing a MODERN aggressive a-theist population. Thousands of years before our modern era began, and before there were these kinds of aggressive a-theists.

We can quote more later if need be.

OK, what is the basis of a-theist claims? Negative assessment of the Bible. i.e. It has errors, no one can test any part of it, except maybe an ancient city existed, etc. It is a copy of a copy of a copy. Now, who is saying that? Modern day a-theists. Those who literally claim there “is no god.” For, before modern days, they did not claim that. What made one an a-theist in ancient days was non belief in the local god(s), but a belief in some other one(s).

A-theism, and science, to some degree or another claims you cannot prove a “negative.” Right? Well, let’s see if that is correct. For in the next part we’ll begin to prove a NEGATIVE that proves something unexpected.

Don’t forget now, watch for the tap dancing to come, and maybe even some “little” lies denying what we’re going to look at as being true. But, the great thing about it is this. The claimers have already proclaimed this NEGATIVE to the high heavens, and is written all over the Internet. Therefore, they can’t claim they didn’t say it. If they try to lie about it, then, it will be immediately known. So, there will be no way to lie out of this one.

End of part 3.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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