Bible’s “SECRET WEAPON” Revealed: Part One

Is there a “secret bombshell weapon” in Scripture? A “secret weapon” that blasts away the arguments of a-theists and critics? Yes, and it is time to start explaining it. This is the year in prophecy when this material is to begin.

A-theists overall it seems have a tendency to call the Scriptures myths written by Bronze Age folks without much knowledge, scientific understanding, etc. By saying that they are admitting that the Scriptures are very old. They know they were not written yesterday. Probably their real argument would not be their age, but rather that it’s impossible to preserve the original texts this long. Be that as it may, let’s keep in mind that these are very old texts, even though copies of copies. Thousands of years in fact.

Now, both Believers in those texts and a-theists, and other kinds of non-believers, make certain claims about these texts we call the Bible. The Believer claims the texts are perfect to one degree or another. A-theists claim this is not so, and cannot be so. Which is right? Can we know? Is there any possible test we can do on even a daily basis to prove the Bible is a valid source for gaining understanding? One that stands up daily and cannot be broken? And, is there a test everyone can understand? Even the critics of the Bible? Yes, there is. And, one that is already locked in so well it would be difficult to hide by lying about it.

In fact, there are dozens of tests one can make daily to prove the Bible means what it says, and that it is of a divine source.

1. A-theists make lots of negative claims about the Bible and the Divine Being mentioned in that book. To them, these negative claims are evidence to them. Especially, when they see too many of those claims ignored by those who profess to Believe the Bible. But, this begs the question, what do those negative claims really say about the Bible.

2. Most Bible Believers use “pseudo-spiritual” responses to the legitimate questions of a-theists. One reason being they don’t believe the a-theist would listen to a reasonable answer. And, that is also too often true. They tend to immediately jump to another question when they find their question being answered.

3. The tests I mention here will not answer the question, what about the so-called textual errors in the Bible that disprove the statement “every jot and title” will NOT pass away till all is fulfilled? That is another topic, and is easily answered at another time. In fact, one writer here has already brought up that topic hoping I guess to short-circuit the tests I plan to offer.

Finally, the test I plan to present will at first, if a-theist precedent is followed, be attacked with everything but the kitchen sink, especially ridicule. But, they will NOT be able to deny these tests unless they lie, and lie blatantly. If so, those who have followed all the a-theist posts here and elsewhere will recognize that immediately.

Now, what is one of the best forms of evidence? Evidence from those who are for something, or from those who actually fight against something? I’d suggest the latter. Why? Because, generally speaking, those against something will NOT try to prove that something to be true. They want it to be false. So, their evidence will have great weight in not contaminating the evidence.

End of part 1.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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