The TRUE Messiah — Who IS He?: Introduction

They fashioned a tomb for thee, most holy and most
high –
The Cretans, always liars, evil beasts, idle gluttons!
But thou are not dead; for ever thou art alive and
For in thee we live and move and have our being.

Your life eternal depends upon a RISEN, resurrected Savior!

The world, with unceasing voice, proclaims a resurrected One through whom you may receive salvation IF ONLY you will believe. This proclaimed One, they say, died for your sins that you might be forgiven, and be granted eternal life!

Do you know who this Saviour, proclaimed by the world, is? Does it matter what He is called? And is He the One proclaimed as the Saviour in the pages of your Bible? You need to find out, and make sure! Your very existence and eternal salvation could be at stake! Can you afford the luxury of complacent acceptance, if this is the case?

There is a deception at work in this world today, so  staggering in its “appearance” of truth, that the whole world is deceived by it. And it is so subtle that even the “very elect” might be deceived by it! How about you?  Are you certain you know the answer, and that YOU yourself are not being deceived?

It is the purpose of this book to expose one of the most subtle, unbelievable and satanic con artist deceptions that has ever been fostered upon any people in the history of mankind. That is the replacement of Yahshua, the Jewish Messiah, with the paganized Greek-Latin “image” of the REAL Messiah, that is “Jesus the Christ!”

Yes, Jesus Christ, the Greek (and Latinized) interpretation of the Jewish Messiah, as seen through the Hellenistic philosophy of the “eternals and the immortals.” Shocking? Disturbing? Questionable? Yes! But, nevertheless, true!

Before you reject this shocking statement, before you hear the proof, just remember the Bible says it is foolishness to answer a matter before you hear it. (Prov. 18:13) So, read, study and check the facts presented in this fantastic book. Then, make up your mind. You may be given the surprise of your life! And, you will be more sure of the reality of the True MESSIAH than ever.

In Matthew 16:15-17, the True Messiah asked His Disciples whom men said He was.

“He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the  Messiah, the Son of the Living Elohim. And Yahshua  answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon  Bar-Jona: FOR FLESH AND BLOOD HATH NOT  REVEALED it unto thee, but My Father which is in  heaven.”

This same question is asked in the Evangel of Mark, etc. And, just as the Messiah asked His Disciples, then, we ask you now, dear reader.
A great deal of material has been written by various religious and secular authors about the paganism in “Christianity.” They all, with some few reservations, admit that modern day christian teachings are loaded with pagan doctrines. But, they all stop short of the most important acknowledgment of all, that is, that the central figure of their worship is the source of their pagan doctrines, customs and teachings. They fail to see that you cannot exclude the teacher from the teachings. Yes, they say, “we have some pagan customs, but they don’t mean anything since we worship the ‘true’ Messiah. These are only our ways of worshiping Him, and there is no harm in that.”

Do YOU fall for this kind of humanistic reasoning? Let’s see.


About 350 B.C.E., we have one of the first recorded instances of the Mighty One [Elohim] of Israel being called “Zeus” by the Greeks. They believed that the Hebrews worshiped the same mighty one they did, but only under another NAME. [These ideas will be fully expanded and explained as you proceed through THE TRUE MESSIAH—Who is He?]

Shortly after this date begins the Hellenistic period of the Israelite nations and their religion. It was during this time, circa 330 B.C.E., that Alexander the Great began to spread the Greek philosophy throughout the known world, including the land of Israel.

Following the time of Alexander, there occurred one of the most devastating, lasting influences upon the religion of Israel as has ever occurred. Approximately 280 B.C.E., the Hebrew Scriptures were translated into the Greek language. We know this as the Septuagint today. or LXX. This was done in Alexandria, Egypt by Ptolemy at the request of a Jew using a pseudonym, calling himself Aristeas.

His reasoning for Ptolemy, in order to encourage him to translate the Scriptures into Greek, is quite shocking, to say the least. Here is what he told Ptolemy.

It would surely be without reason to be convicted by our very deeds, O king. For since the code of laws, which we are intending not only to transcribe, but also to translate, is established among all the Jews, what ground shall we have for our mission, when considerable multitudes of Jews are yet in bondage in thy realm?
Nay, with a heart perfect and generous release those who are held in the grip of miseries, SINCE HE WHO DIRECTS THY REALM IS THE [MIGHTY ONE] WHO GAVE THEM THEIR LAW, as I have taken pains to discover. For the [MIGHTY ONE] these men worship as overseer and creator of all is He whom also all men worship, and we too, O King, THOUGH WE NAME HIM DIFFERENTLY ZEUS AND DIS!!!!!!!! (P.16, The Oldest Version of the Bible, my emphasis).

The next major occurrence in the history of Israel that leads to the deception of worshiping the “image” of the True Messiah, is the “Abomination of Desolation.” Most scholars admit that this is the time of the desecration of the Temple during the reign of Antiochus IV Epiphanies when he placed a statue of Jupiter Olympus in the HOLY OF HOLIES. Jupiter Olympus is actually the Roman name of the Greek god Zeus. It was Zeus, at least a physical statue, that was physically and symbolically placed in the Temple. This occurrence was circa 168 B.C.E. More about this later.
By the time the Real Messiah came on the scene, the Hebrew religion was steeped in Greek paganism. [Or, Hellenism.] It was now using pagan names and titles for the Father. Names that were actually titles for Zeus, Dionysus, and other of the world’s mighty ones. Not only were they calling the Father “Theos” in the Greek language, instead of transliterating, but they were even accepting the same appellation that Julius Caesar, a man, used. That title for Caesar was also “Theos.” What a travesty the priesthood had let befall the people of YHWH!

It had come to the point by this time that there was no distinction between the only True Creator of the Universe, and the “Unknown God” that the Greeks had made plaques to, which the Apostle Paul mentioned. Even on Mars Hill, the Apostle Paul quoted the poem which heads this Introduction. He quoted the part that says,

“For in thee we live and move and have our being.”

But for some strange reason the preceding line is not quoted in Acts. That line is:

“But thou art not dead: for ever thou ART ALIVE  AND RISEN.”

This poem refers to Zeus, not Yahshua or His Father. This quote comes from Aratas’ Hymn to Zeus!!! Thus, the Greeks thought Paul was bringing to them a new teaching about their Mighty One—ZEUS. They believed Paul worshipped Zeus, only under another name.

Thought: Isn’t it interesting that the “Jewish” members of the early Assembly “disappeared” to be replaced by the Gentile Greek converts. And that it was the Greeks who carried on the “New Testament” writings, all the while clinging to the Septuagint Greek paganized translation of the Scriptures. And continuing to use the Greek pagan titles for their mighty ones, and then transferring those names and titles to the Jewish Messiah? What happened to those original “Jewish” brethren? Where did they go when the Greeks began to take over the Assemblies? Where are their remnants today?

Finally, after the birth of the Messiah and following His death, why did the Jewish leaders change the Messiah’s Name?

That’s right, they changed His Name to Yahshu or Yeshu, from Yahshua. They changed His Name from a name that meant “YHWH is Saviour” (or Saves, or is Salvation) to a word that was an acrostic meaning, “May this name be blotted out and forgotten!” Not only that, but it now, also phonetically sounded like “yeh-zeus.” Or, in other languages “hey-zeus”. And, it could easily be transliterated into the Greek word “iesous,” which is akin to “iesius” which means “the son of Jupiter (Zeus) and Electra.” Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek Zeus.

There is more, much more information on this subject.

It is the purpose of this book, as mentioned before, to expose this  fraud to the world. It is time to also reveal the only True Messiah to the world. There is only one Messiah, and only one Name under heaven whereby we may be saved, and it is not by the pagan image’s” name that is universally proclaimed to the world today.

This book is dedicated, first of all to YHWH the Father, and of course, to our loving Saviour, Yahshua. It is He that is the only alive and risen Saviour.

It is also only fitting that I acknowledge the many men who have helped me along the Way to understand many spiritual things. Although this acknowledgment may surprise some of them, and maybe even some of the readers, I still must give credit where credit is due. No man is an island, and all of these listed I owe a debt of gratitude.

They are: Herbert W. Armstrong, Garner Ted Armstrong, Dr. Herman L. Hoeh, Dr. Charles V. Dorothy, Albert J. Portune, Jacob O. Meyer, Alan Knight, and a true friend, George Gabler.

The one who deserves the most credit, though and who has supported me through thick and thin is my loving wife, Arlene.

“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!”

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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