How “The TRUE Messiah — Who IS He?” Came to Be.

Jesus Christ is an impostor.

Knowing that, believe it or not, leads one to the real proof for the Messiah of the New Testament.

They say the first sentence will make or break a book. Too often this is true. So, like a good learning author, I tried to come up with a good opening sentence.

It is also said, that one must hit a donkey up beside the head by hitting him with a two by four to get his attention. Could one do that with a very first sentence? Only one way to find out. So, . . .

Jesus Christ is an impostor.

That’s the sentence that came to mind after a “lot” of thought. It seemed to go against the grain of a lot of people. On the other hand, another class of people would be more than happy to see that sentence. It should have grabbed the reader’s attention immediately. Did it? Does it? Let’s see.

What’s happening? All of a sudden, it seemed, the sermons at church became dull and dead. Both my wife and I noticed this. The former enthusiasm and inspiration seemed gone. In fact, it got so bad that I began taking research books to church. While the dull sermons were going on, I was reading and researching things about the Bible and doctrine during services. All the while, the minister droned on putting everyone else to sleep. Later I discovered that other members had noticed, but didn’t know what to do other than sit there and endure it.

What I didn’t know at the time was that a total organizational collapse was on the way. Soon after the dull sermon escapade, my wife and I left that church. Not only that, it didn’t take long and major splinter groups began to happen. New churches bagan forming like crazy. Over 1,000 and growing as I write this.

Two other things prompted us to leave. The first had to do with the use or not of the so-called “Sacred Names.” The other had to do with baptism.

To explain these two points would take a whole book or two to cover the subjects. But, just a few comments for now.

As to the “Sacred Names”, I don’t remember exactly the time when they became important in my mind. What I mean by that is, important enough to do research on them. It turned out, my research showed that we should acknowledge these names, and use them. Not for any of the reasons the critics claim. Their criticisms are so easy to overcome that it isn’t even a challenge. I love challenges. Anyway, once I found out the truth about this subject I explained it to my wife. We both began using them, even at services. But, not in a way most would notice. For instance, during hymns we would quietly sing “Yah”, or “Yahweh” when the song said “Lord or God.” When the song had “Jesus” we sang “Yahshua.” On a rare occassion the minister would ask me to give the opening or closing prayer. After I discovered the truth of the names I would ask the “Father” to bless the folks, and/or the message, etc. and closed with “In the Messiah’s name, amein.” No one noticed at that time, did they?

Recently, Arlene and I visited one of the splinter groups to meet an old college friend. He is the minister of this group. He asked me to give the opening prayer. I immediately replied that that might not be a good idea. Why? he wanted to know. Because, I said, we use the Names, and it might not be a good idea. He agreed with a discernible “hurrmph.” I told him that I could say the prayer by closing with “In the Messiah’s Name…”. He said he didn’t think the people would go for it. That is the same comment the founder of the original church gave when confronted with the names question. His response was, “I can’t teach that, the PEOPLE WOULDN’T GO FOR IT.” My question would be, who is in charge, the Father and His Son, or the people? Evidently, it all resides in the people. Or, is that just a ministerial excuse for fulfilling Malachi’s description of them today?

Because of the “names question” I began to ask further questions. Why? I’m not sure why. But, at the time I began wondering why there was such an argument pro or con about using “Hebrew” names. We do it all the time with others, but it seems to be strange to church folks when it comes to the Father and Son. Besides, the Scriptures clearly say, “My people shall know my name.”

The second point that I mentioned was about baptism. The church we attended taught a strict message about baptism. It had to meet certain qualifications. If it didn’t, new members would have to be baptized over again by “God’s ministers.” Baptism by others was not considered valid. The church college backed this up with biblical and secular research. So, it came as quite a shock at the time to find out the founder of the church had not been baptised by ministers of the church who had ordained him. Under the teaching of the time, that would mean his baptism was invalid. It would also require he be rebaptized. Not only that, his ministerial qualification would have been called into question. You see, the teaching said that the laying on of hands, and baptism for the holy spirit must be done through the lineage from the first disciples. Only they could pass on the Father’s spirit to us, via the laying on of hands immediately following baptism.

Needless to say, this brought into question the validity of my baptism, and that of my wife. Were the ones who laid hands on us truly of the proper lineage. We made a decision. In 1978 we left the corporate church.

Today, we are sure of the answers to those two points.

With that background, you can see the steps leading to my ten year research in the U of A library on the Messiah. Why did so many people ignore the Messiah’s Hebrew name? Did it make any difference? Were they right, “We don’t have to speak Hebrew to worship? They know our hearts.”  What I discovered was a real eye opener to me, and apparantly to many others.

Finally, the first attempt at the book was finished. I was ready to “announce” it to the world. And, what an announcement it was. I xeroxed 10 copies of a letter and sent it to people I knew around the country. We received 100 requests for the book before the whole thing exploded, in the wrong direction! Let me give you a little background.

Arlene and I with our three children were living in Tucson. Because of circumstances, we had no car, so we rode the bus. I could not get a regular job because the Sabbath was a problem for the employers who had openings in my field. We had no typewriter. Needless to say, the times were not too easy then.

During the day, I walked up and down the streets of Tucson selling business supplies. In the hot of the afternoon I would head for the University library and spend hours there daily. Ten years worth.

When I finally began writing the book, I had to use the typewriters at the library. Twenty-five cents for fifteen minutes typing. Then, I took the pages to the copy shop and printed them. Double sided, and reduced to fit a book size page. Then home to fold them, and the cover. After that, I hand carried them to a printer who had a stapling machine. Then, to the Post Office to mail them. All at my expense. Or, should I say, my family’s expense. No one was helping us at the time, and often there were days I couldn’t pay the bus fare and walked home. However, this most powerful book took off — suddenly. And, I couldn’t figure out why.

It turns out that an elderly lady in the South had received a copy of the book. Having some money, she had a bunch of them printed, without permission. Then she sent them all over the world. Again, at the time, I knew absolutely nothing about this. What happened was this.

One day mail started showing up in my post office box. Not just ordinary mail from the USA. Nope. It was coming in from India, the Philippines, Europe, South Africa, and other places. ALL of them requesting I send them FREE copies of the book. One was even from a monastery. What in the world was going on? I was totally stumped. I had only sent out ten letters, and then about a total of 100-125 copies of the book I had hand-put together. Yet, we were getting letters from all over the world.

To say the least, this was shocking, and I did not know how to handle it. So, I didn’t. No, I couldn’t. There was no way in my financial condition at the time that I could send out that many books. There were, I must say, though, a few people in the States who sent some money with their requests. Usually a dollar, sometimes a whole five dollars.

You get the picture. It seemed everyone wanted a copy, or multiple copies, but for free. They all assumed I was some kind of church, big organization, etc. No. It was just me, my wife, and three kids trying to survive. It was impossible to fulfill those orders. In fact, I didn’t have enought money for postage at the time to write everyone and explain why I wasn’t sending the books.

Thankfully, times have changed. Because of striving to follow the Creator, He began to bless us. Today, because of sticking to Him, we have a much better physical life. And, a handful, literally, of people are helping with the work I strive to do for you.

Because of their help, now I can put the book on the Internet so that everyone who finds it can have that free copy so many wanted. And, it is available instantly 24/7 for everyone with a connection to the Internet. Plus, those people can make printed copies to give to others. It took a “long” time, but here we are.

This book has been one of the most instructive things I’ve ever done. Even when writing it. Over the weeks and months I kept trying to write it. Nothing came out right, and I couldn’t write more than a page or two at a time. One night something changed. I couldn’t stop writing, it seemed. The words just poured out. And, things I wasn’t clear on, cleared themselves up as I typed. In fact, I was understanding more, the more I typed. It all just came together. No, I didn’t finish it in one night. But, the process kept going each night after that, until it was “finished.” There is still more to add. Either in new chapters, or in a second volume.

Some of the results of the book were amazing to me. One I already mentioned. The lady in the South who printed multiple copies. Another event amazed me too.

One thing I’ve discovered is this. To tell someone what is in the book leaves them arguing with me. But, usually, after they actually read it, they change. Here’s one example of that.

During the years of going to the UofA campus I got to watch and listen to the “spring” preachers who came each year. One year one of them named David, I don’t remember his last name, showed up. A few of his friends were with him. I met them by “accident” while watching him dance around preaching at the students. I mentioned the book to them. The response was typical. Nope, can’t be true, don’t believe you. But, David finished, and he walked over. They introduced me to him, and he invited me to join them for coffee in the campus cafeteria. I did. The conversation got around to the book. I explained it to him. Nope. Can’t be true. I don’t believe you. So, I said I had a copy with me and that I would give it to him if he promised to read it. He did, and I did.

Next spring, about the same time, I did my usual daily trip to the post office. I walked in the door and to my surprise there was David. I asked what he was doing there. I’m here to see you he replied. And, he explained that each morning he had come to the post office to wait for me to show up. He didn’t have my home address, and at the time, I didn’t have a phone. Why are you waiting for me I asked him. His reply? “I need to get copies of your book while I’m here to give to other people.” He had begun to teach what was in the book.

To bring this to an ending now, I was interviewed on the local radio twice about the book, and on public access TV. Plus, I made public access TV programs on the subject.

Which brings us to NOW. The first installment of “The TRUE Messiah — Who IS He?” will begin after this post. And, each week I will put up a chapter until it is all available. Then, hopefully, it can be better formatted and have some graphics added, and made available as a single file that one can print out for themselves.

As I said, I’m no longer alone in striving to provide this and other biblical information to you. So, I’d like to acknowledge these great folks for regular and consistent help: Richard C., David C., Lowell W., Terry & Linda O., David S., and Scott C. And, of course, Arlene and my three children who paid heavily, in many ways, for all this to begin happening!! They’ve paid more than I can ever hope to repay them. It’s very difficult to go without, based on a “dream” that is now coming true.

Well, let’s get to the book without further ado. Oh, by the way,

“Jesus Christ is an impostor.”

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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