Or, are there many ways to “heaven?”

Often the fantasy of blind men examining an elephant is used to “disprove” the Bible and its teaching. Including the idea that there cannot be just one way of looking at religion, and/or other “truth.” Here’s how the story goes.

Six blind men are examining an elephant. Each blind man is touching or holding a different part of the elephant. The parts are the trunk, a leg, the tail, an ear, a tusk and the side. Each blind man, Hindus according to the story, “saw” the elephant as different things. The one feeling the ear thought it was a giant leaf. The tusk was a spear. The leg was a trunk of a tree. The tail was a rope. The side was a wall, and the trunk was a snake.

Thus, by this reasoning, the a-theist, skeptic, academic, etc. concludes the story proves that there is no one way to “g-d”,no one “truth.” Everyone is different, and to each person, their belief is correct. Etc.

However, this whole story breaks allĀ  rules of logic, reason, and reality. Let’s examine this excuse for relative truth, and see where it goes.

In the first place, real blind men were not used to verify this story. It is a made up piece of “logic” which fails at first statement. Secondly, the story is based on imagination, illusion and misstatement. And, it breaks every rule of Bible teaching on how to prove something to be true. By the way, how does the story teller know it is an elephant they are examining if there is no “absolute” truth?

1. The story makes the blind men touch or hold only one part of the elephant. A real blind man would not only touch the elephant, but would walk around it touching everything on the elephant.

2. The story teller strangely, is the only one that knows it is an elephant. Which means, he saw the whole picture, and knows that there is only ONE elephant, not six different parts. So, there is one truth. Yet, he permits the blind men to distort what he knows to be true, it is an elephant.

3. For the story to work, each blind man has come to a conclusion that the part he touches is something it isn’t. The ear a leaf? The tail a rope? The leg a trunk? etc.? In reality, before the blind men touched the elephant, someone who knew what it was would lead them to the elephant and explain what they were going to be touching. This would keep the blind men from coming to wrong conclusions. Besides, no blind man would think the leg was a tree trunk because an elephant moves, and feels softer than a trunk of a tree. All six parts as told by the story is made up. The story teller denigrates the intelligence of the blind men. In fact, the one who made up the story knows what an elephant is, or he could not have made up the story. In other words, someone with the TRUTH sees the whole picture, the elephant, and could and should tell the blind men what they are looking at. That is the purpose of the Bible. To tell people the truth, and, that they are making up false parts of the “elephant” to mislabel the ONE truth. I.e., an elephant is an elephant.

4. Not only is logic left out of this story, but it is filled with a lack of the “scientific method.” In other words, each description given by the blind men is NOT put to the test of falsification. Nor, is “peer review” used. Nor, is collaboration among the six blind men used. This whole story is a concoction of illogical assumption and restriction of investigation.

One thing is certain about this story. It is typical of the irrational thinking of those who practice what Paul called “science so-called.” There is real science, gnosis. Then there is pseudo science practiced by men who must lie and deceive in order to make all of science mean “evolution” alone is science.

What the story of the elephant and the 6 blind men really shows is this: men, in order to avoid a Creator, must KNOW the truth in order to distort it into false parts in order to deceive the world. This is why Paul in Romans says the TRUTH is stored IN them. They are the proof the of Bible, and reality as taught in the Bible, is the only correct way and understanding of TRUTH.

“Because that which is knowable concerning YHWH is PLAINLY EVIDENT IN THEM, [the men holding back the truth they know] for YHWH made it clear to THEM; . . . they are without a defense [on this matter of hiding the truth and distorting it.]”

Plus, the story also demonstrates the truth of Romans which shows the mind of these pseudo scientists (a-theists/evolutionists) has been darkened so they can NOT grasp actual truth [since they began to reject and distort what they were given].

No, this story of the elephant trying to teach and enforce a doctrine of “pantheism” and “diversity” is totally false. There is not one thing true about it except that an elephant is an elephant. All else in the story is a fabricated lie. This is the false concept of the “university” crowd. That there is unity in all this diversity on planet earth. Unit, diversity = university.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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