FIRST — A Little Background

We live in an age of total uncertainty. Wars, rumors of war, earthquakes, tsunamis, famine, and more. The world is upside down in many ways. People everywhere want to know what is going on. But, they are not interested in the real answer. They just don’t want to hear it. That answer is: PROPHECY in action.

What makes it even worse is this. It is BIBLICAL prophecy in action. That means a Supreme Creator lives and rules. The most forbidden concept in all humanity. Yet, that is what is happening.

Over the past almost sixty years, I have tried to understand these biblical prophecies. And, to some degree I have succeeded. That is, from the observer’s point of view I have. However, that is not truly the truth. What the truth is is this. Through the mercy and kindness of that Supreme Creator I have been GIVEN some of the keys to understanding biblical prophecy. There is no mysticism involved. Just simply, keys, keys that work, and keys that havdn’t been seen by others — yet.

The purpose of this work is to explain, not all but enough, how prophecy works, and what some of the keys are.


Over the centuries the Western world has looked at the “church fathers” as a great source of information about early doctrine, including prophetic understanding. What this has done has lead the world into a prophetic scenario that has no real relevance to today. For example: Somewhere around 300 A.D. the “church fathers” wrote that the beast of Revelation was the “Holy Roman Empire” revived. This teaching has held sway since then. Modern preachers teach this all the time. It is wrong. There is to be no such revival.

Of course, it’s easy to make such a statement. Yet, it is based on the teachings of the Bible. And, based on those teachings, two important points stand out:

1. Daniel was inspired to write that prophecy would be understood by the WISE. But, the question is, WHEN were they to understand?

“Go your way, Daniel, for the words are SHUT UP and SEALED until the TIME OF THE END.” Dan. 12:9 ESV

What can and must be concluded by this is, the “church fathers” cannot be the source of prophetic understanding, then, or now. Why? Simply because they did not live in the time of the end. That was the requirement. They wrote BEFORE the time of the end. Therefore, what they wrote absolutely did not qualify for Daniel’s description of when this information would be revealed. No manner of argument can get around this.

2. The second and even more confirming point is this: The “church fathers” were not the original fathers. They did not descend from the original apostolic ecclesia. They were impostors. IF then, this is so, what they wrote about doctrine, prophecy and Messianic history cannot be trusted. Neither can they be relied upon as a source of truth about the original Ecclesia and the Apostles.

Certain writers know this, and they have written books, booklets, research papers, given sermons, etc. on this. Yet, after all they say, they still return to the “church fathers” for quotes to support their own teachings. Does that make sense to you? It doesn’t to me.

Actually, there is a third and very important point to add here. That is, the Roman Catholic Church is NOT the Mystery Babylon of Revelation either. Mystery Babylon is a greater influence on mankind than the RCC by itself. For what’s it’s worth, the RCC, the protestants and all other religions on planet earth are subsets of Mystery Babylon. This also includes science, education, medicine, government. Nothing has been untouched by this WOMAN, and she is not a “church.”

Having written the above three points for you, let’s get down to business and look at them. I don’t believe much more needs to be said about Daniel’s description of WHEN the Book would be opened. And, I don’t think there should be any question that the “church fathers” do not fit in that time frame Daniel gives us. So, let’s begin with point number two.


Decades ago, I first discovered this information. The basics of it came from classes, lectures and sermons that often quoted a book by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut. It was his book on the history of Christianity. The point of the quote was to help show that something dramatic and drastic had happened to the Apostolic Assembly in its early years. In essence, what it showed was this. The “church” the world sees today is not the New Testament Ecclesia. It is an impostor group. It is made up of descendants of the ancient Babylonian priesthood. This priesthood “joined” the Ecclesia in the First Century, and gradually kicked out the original members, and then claimed they were the original members. Those individuals that were kicked out came down through history in a separate line from these impostors. And, the world has all that time virtually never heard of them. The world only knows the “church fathers.”

It wasn’t until I began studying New Testament Greek under Dr. Charles Dorothy that I began to understand the real impact of this change on our understanding of the Bible, “church” history, doctrine and prophetic teaching. For, in Dr. Dorothy’s classes we studied the books of the New Testament, in Greek, that described this secret invasion of the original followers of the Messiah. One thing I learned later, decades later, is where in the New Testament that this invasion first began. Surprisingly, it began while the Messiah was still alive and teaching the crowds in and around Jerusalem. I wrote about this in my book “The TRUE Messiah — Who Is HE?” It’s quite a story. Perhaps you might want to get your copy of the book. It has some astounding discoveries in it.

My friend from college, Fred Coulter, who also took Dr. Dorothy’s class ten years later than I, has written about this deception also. However, as of this moment, I’m not sure Fred understands the full impact of what he describes. For, he still quotes and uses the “church fathers,” and still believes the RCC alone is Mystery Babylon, with her harlot daughters.

Another friend of mine from college days is Alan Knight. We spent many great times together at college. Now, in his later years, he has written books on the influence of pagan religion on modern “Christianity.” Yet, here too, it appears to me he has also not recognized fully what he has found. As I recall, he too still believes that the RCC is Mystery Babylon. There are some simple ways to prove this is not true. One simple one being this. Does the Catholic Church guide and control EVERY nation on the earth today? Yet, Mystery Babylon does, even today. Does the Catholic Church control all the drugs on the earth today, and the pharmaceutical manufacturers? Well, Mystery Babylon does. In fact, the RCC is just a subset of the whole Mystery Babylon System. It is NOT, by any stretch, Mystery Babylon. If one believes that, and follows that teaching from a time before Daniel’s description, then one will never fully understand Biblical prophecy.


As I mentioned, I finally began to understand the full impact of Messianic history in Dr. Dorothy’s class. Dr. Dorothy, at least during the years I studied in his Greek classes, specialized in these books: I, II, and III John, I and II Peter and Jude. These books were eyeopeners to say the least. Of course, we also looked into the evangel of John, the book of James, and other accounts. What was so dumbfounding to me at the time was this: How much is actually in those books describing the actual takeover of the original group of Believers. In the KJV, which we used the most at college it was hard to see. Let me give you one little insight.

“If, as is the case, a certain one comes to you and this teaching is not bearing, stop receiving him into your house. And stop giving him greeting. For the one who gives him greeting is a partner in his works which are pernicious.” II John 10-11.

Why would John write such a thing if all was well within the ecclesia? Here is another one:

“I wrote something to the assembly. But the one who is fond of being the pre-eminent one among them, Diotrophes, [the name means ‘nourished by Zeus,’ the chief god of the Greeks], is not accepting us. . . prating against us with pernicious words, and not being content with these things, neither does he himself accept the brethren/ and those who after mature consideration desire to do so, he prevents, and out of the assembly he throws them.” III John 9-10.

On the surface, this may not look like much. But, when the whole situation is looked at through all the New Testament descriptions, then it becomes an eye-opening experience for us today. It was the people like Diotrephes who came into the assembly and kicked out the true believers. What was left was a deception that was carried down to us today as the “church fathers.” Now . . .


Interestingly, one of the first things to catch our attention is this. The original believers, disciples and apostles, did not call themselves “christian.” This is a term that came in after the deception took over the original assembly.

Sad to say, many of the new and weak in faith members, gave in to this deception. As Fred Coulter rightly says in his book on the Passover, “In New Testament times, many [Believers] succumbed to the false teaching and practices of Judaism. Over the centuries many more [Believers] fell prey to counterfeit practices which began in ancient Babylon. These perverse practices were brought into [the Ecclesia] through the influence of the Roman Church.” p. x, The Christian Passover, Revised Expanded Second Edition.

In actual fact, these Babylonish perverse practices did not come from the Roman Church in “later centuries.” They came into the Assembly during the first part of the first century and ended up GIVING the world what is called today the Roman Church. This whole thing began much earlier. Fred even shows this by quoting Jesse Lyman Hurlbut a page later.

“We name the last generation of the first century, from 68 to 100 A.D., ‘The Age of Shadows,’ partly because the gloom of persecution was over the church; but more especially because of all periods in the history, it is the one about which we KNOW THE LEAST. We have no longer the clear light of the Book of Acts to guide us; and no author of that age has filled the blank in the history. We would like to read of the later work by such helpers of St. Paul as Timothy, Apollos and Titus, but all these and St. Paul’s other friends drop out of the record at his death. [B] For fifty years after St. Paul’s life a curtain hangs over the church, through which we strive vainly to look; and when at last it rises, about 120 A.D. with the writings of the earliest church-fathers, we find a church in many aspects very different from that in the days of St. Peter and St. Paul.” (The Story of the Christian Church, p. 41)

If one will notice, the “church-fathers” show up AFTER this curtain lifts, after the change-over has already occurred. They show up after the deceptions have already begun. Yet, no one seems to notice this part. And, because of that, the “church-fathers” are used as bona fide resources by even those who understand that this deception took place. It should become obvious that these “fathers” cannot be trusted to give the teaching of the original apostles. They are writing things that came into the Assembly while the original members were being kicked out.

Fred then goes on and mentions, “Today we are confronted with a fully developed apostate Christianity, which a deceived world has accepted as authentic.” That is correct. What we have is a system called Christianity that is apostate. Even the name Christianity is apostate. That term came in with the deception as the impostors worshipped the “cosmic christ”, a pagan concept.

[To be continued.]

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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