A-THEISM — the Real PROOF the Bible is TRUE!

A-theism is the religion of the godLESS. There can be no doubt about this for they explain it themselves, as does their belief system, and their “name” a-theist. In other words, WITHOUT “god”.

The prime purpose for the a-theist appears to be the complete and total destruction of the Bible, Bible believers and all religion. Their’s excepted, of course.

Over the decades it has become evident to me that the final proof that the Bible is true is the a-theist him/her self. Of all the other proofs, this one proof is a constant, daily reminder to anyone that the Bible is true, including the Bible’s insistence that there is a Supreme Creator. Tell this to a-theists and they will laugh. All the while, knowing this is the truth. Only the truth is laughed at by the truthLESS.

A-theists claim to know more about the Bible than Bible believers. That being true(?) then, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn. The a-theist surely does know and understand that they are the final proof of the Bible, that is, before the return of the Messiah to the earth, the ultimate proof.

How is that possible? How can that be? Simple. Follow an a-theist, watch his/her actions, comments, arguments, discussions about the Bible and religion, and life in general. What does one find? A person trapped in a MINDSET [“worldview”] they literally cannot overcome. Nor can they gather up the thought to even want to change that mindset. They are incapable of seeing, or saying, anything positive about the Bible, or about religion, especially religion described in the Bible, and mean it. They just cannot do it, no matter how hard they try. Of course, they don’t try. Why? They are mentally hardwired in a prison of false concepts put there by an outside force. Their Creator has done this to them. In other words, they are a “people of the Book.”


Within the Bible itself, the a-theist is described. In all their “self-superior glory” there they reside, fully described, and fully hardwired to perform what is said of them.

Where can we find this? Why, in the Bible itself. Frankly, it is for this reason the a-theist MUST above all else, strive to destroy the Bible. The book that exposes their every thought and action. For, this book reveals who they truly are, and what they truly think in their hearts. In fact, the Bible describes how the Creator has implanted into the very minds of the a-theists what they are to do. And, that is exactly what they do. It is impossible for them to disobey these commands to them. They are temporarily enslaved to their thinking and actions, like a programmed computer. GIGO. Their mind can only produce what it is PROGRAMMED to do. Ergo, a-theists. are not creatures of “free will” as they think.


Having watched them over the decades, it always amazes me how the a-theist overlooks the part of the Bible that tells them who they are, what they are, and why they are. They are there to prove the Bible is absolutely true. They are the everyday living proof.

Having said that, then what are these commands and descriptions the a-theist is hardwired to perform?

Fair enough, let’s begin. When the Bible repeats something, that means it stands out and is something to pay special attention to. Thus, the Bible begins, so to speak, with a-theists by a repetition! Their description is given TWICE. I.e., “In the mouth of TWO or THREE witnesses is a thing established.” And, here are those two first witnesses against the a-theist.

The fool has said in his heart, there is no Elohim.” Psa. 14:1 and 53:1

The Bible in Basic English says it this way: “The foolish man has said in his heart, Elohim will not do anything.” Notice it says, “the foolish man.” The one described in Psa. 14:1 and 53:1.

This BBE version shows something interesting. It shows that in actual fact, in his/her heart, the a-theist really knows the Creator exists. But, in essence, this INNER knowledge is covered up by their OUTWARD expression “There is no Elohim.”

[I might explain that in all these quotes, I will be using Elohim, and/or YHWH instead of the terms “god” and “the LORD.”]

Often a-theists will complain that they are labeled as a “fool,” by those who quote these verses. Then complain that the New Testament says not to call people fools. This is a lame excuse and rebuttal. Why? Because the a-theist, knowing what the Bible says about one who denies Elohim, deny Him anyway. Thus, it is in fact, the a-theist who himself takes on the label “a fool,” not the person quoting these verses. He accepts this label himself every time he says “There is no Elohim.” Remember, it is the a-theist who claims to know the Bible BETTER THAN those who profess the Bible. By the very act, then, of saying “There is no Elohim” the a-theists are saying “I am a fool.”

It should be pointed out at this point one of the tactics of the a-theist/evolutionist. None of them can stand alone in their dis-belief religion. So, they are like a pack of dogs who attack in numbers. That way, they hope, the one man or woman who stands up to them cannot stand the group pressure. This tactic is not new. And, can easily be seen by reading the Huffington Post religion section every day. A-theists truly believe they can overwhelm the truth. What they don’t and can’t understand is that they have been pre-programmed to be that way. Let’s see how they work.

YHWH, how greatly are they increased who make attacks on me! in great numbers they come against me. Unnumbered are those who say of my soul, THERE IS NO HELP FOR HIM IN ELOHIM.”

Thus, their tactic is to “gang up” on the lone defender. Then they spoof the individual claiming they have no help against their onslaught. If you don’t believe this, just see the a-theist responses to someone who claims YHWH has or will heal, protect, or rescue someone. Yes, read the a-theist responses. All are variations of this expression “There is no help for him in Elohim.” The verse quoted above comes from Psalm 3:1-2. The rest of the Psalm shows that only one is needed to defend against these numerous a-theists and critics. That one being the very One the a-theists deny. Even the a-theist admits they get no answers to their prayers. They think that is proof there is no Elohim. Because of this, they believe the same is true of the Believer. They think “if we get no answers, no one else does either.” But, this is the very proof He exists, and that He keeps His word. The prayers of an a-theist is an abomination to YHWH, and He clearly says He will not answer them. In other words, a-theists prove the Father means what He says, and keeps what He says. “I won’t answer a-theists.” Again, a-theists prove the Bible is true, and that the Father doesn’t lie.

Psalm 10:4 accurately describes the a-theist further. “The evil doer [a-theist], in his PRIDE says, Elohim will not make a search. All his thoughts are, There is no Elohim.” A real hallmark of the a-theist is his/her ego. Read their posts and books calling believers idiots, ignorant, dumb, etc. Then they proceed to claim they themselves are “superior” because they use reason, rationality and the “scientific method.” Yes, they are filled with PRIDE, a false impression of their own childish abilities. Here is another interesting thing. The a-theist claims to not believe in Elohim, yet this verse, and the a-theist writings show Elohim is constantly in their thots. “ALL his thoughts are, There is no Elohim.” This is their magic mantra. That is, if they say it often enough they think it will come true. A truly false affirmation. If there really was no Elohim, then there is no need to think of Him at all, is there? Yet, they do, constantly.

Another thing is this, the ways of an a-theist are fixed. And, that fix, as the New Testament shows, is doneĀ  deliberately by YHWH to the a-theist. Look at verse 5 of chapter 10 in the Bible in Basic English. In speaking of the a-theist, the one whose thoughts are “There is no Elohim,” it says, “His ways are ever FIXED.” There is no escape for an a-theist. He/she has been “fixed” to be an a-theist. That means that all an a-theist can do is spout negativity towards the Bible and his Creator. If an a-theist wants to disprove the Bible and the Creator, then he/she must do everything opposite to what the Bible says about them. And, they cannot do so. It is impossible to overrule the Father’s word about them.

On rare occassions, for His purposes, the Creator performs a miracle of the mind, like an Andrew Flew. Why? Simple. To show clearly that no one can resist the Creator once He decides it is time to work with someone, not even an a-theist.

[Note, these posts will be edited and added to over time until a full book is ready.]

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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