Hello Friends around the world!

Welcome to Embassy Matters. This site is a “community” site for those with the following interests:

Interested in what the Bible really says? Interested in prophecy that is accurate? Interested in growing in the “fruits of the Spirit”? Interested in meeting others of like mind?

Want to grow in grace and knowledge? Want to develop a higher character? Want to learn about the Biblical languages? Want to know the ins and outs of Bible translation?

These and more can be and will be shared here. With the public, and with you personally.

If you are the kind of person who has been looking for real answers and not heated arguments…. if you are a person that can handle being “pushed” a little into doing your OWN study in the Scriptures…. if you can handle answers that in some, maybe many cases, will change your pet beliefs about what the Bible teaches…. if you are able to change when shown new truth, or rather old truth, that may be opposite to what you thought…. and, if you can do all that and more without being offended, or becoming beligerant… then, this is the place where you can benefit a great deal.

Become a part of those whose Citizenship is in heaven… just as the Apostle Paul taught. To participate in personal growth without having to join a particular group, and where your personal independence is respected, is what this Community is all about.

So, consider returning often for our updates and posts.

Bob Petry, C.L.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.

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