The SECRET Behind this Website

Why This Website is Different

Why, over the past two decades, have we called prophecy in advance accurately?

There is a reason, and it is very simple. At least simple to those who know what to look for. There is something different going on here, and you should know what it is. You should know why you will find accurate news in advance only on this website.

In 1986 my wife and I began doing television on public access TV. At first, we just helped others produce their shows. Then, after a request, I hosted a show for a vacationing producer. Before he left, I asked what I should talk about on the show. He said, “Well, expand on your small book The True Messiah.” He had interviewed me about it a few weeks earlier. So, I did. After that, Arlene and I signed up for our own show. It was not about the Bible, but I began to occassionally mention it. Then, as programs passed, we decided to do a complete Bible series on a new program called Code Six-Four.

We mainly spoke about prophecy, and on occassion, some doctrinal issue. In our first show I explained that during the series we would be living through actual modern day prophecy. And, not surprisingly, we have. Not only that, we were able to describe events before they actually happened. At first it was sort of hit or miss. The reason being, I was learning new things as the program series progressed. After a decade doing the program series it dawned on me that finally, and for the very first time in modern history, actual prophecy was occuring. AND we were telling it before it happened! There was none of the “hey, let’s read the news and see if it fits prophecy” stuff. No. Instead, we were actually giving the news BEFORE the world’s news media knew a thing about it. This was the way I always believed prophecy should be. Everybody else was trying to tie in events that had already happened with the prophecies. That ain’t prophecy, if you don’t mind me saying so. That is pure guesswork.

Today, it seems almost normal to be able to tell the world what is coming in advance. However, when we first began doing that, both Arlene and I were in “shell shock”. It didn’t seem possible, yet, there was the proof on video done months and years before the events happened. You can see two videos on this site showing just a part of what was done.

Anyway, over the years my wife and I, along with others who are learning to do the same thing now, wondered why us?

You know, it is really exciting to teach the Scriptures accurately. It is also exciting to find information in the Scriptures first, and then find the backup proof after the fact. This goes totally against what normally happens to people who start learning the Scriptures. First, they are told what to look for, and then they try to find it in the Scriptures. But, what a difference it makes when you discover the information just by reading the Scriptures, and then find the supporting evidence afterwards. Once you do it yourself you will know what I’m talking about.

On top of that, just think of how exciting it is to discover you understand something prophetic in the Scriptures before the event, and before you heard it from someone else. THEN, see the event occur just as you understood it!

Now, the above is written about myself and my wife as an example. But, this difference is what makes this website different from all the rest. This is not an ordinary website telling you what everyone else thinks they have discovered in the Scriptures. We do not quote, nor teach, what the likes of Hal Lindsey, Jack van Impe, Pat Robertson and others teach. We are way ahead of that here. In fact, we are the only ones I know of who talked about Sept. 11, 2001 first. The others didn’t know it was coming. We taught correctly about Gaza, and none of the others did. Nor could they, nor can they about future events still ahead of us. They are locked into a limited understanding of Mt. 24, Mk. 13, Lk. 21, Rev. 6, and Daniel. Surprising or not, they did not warn the world about Sept. 11th., Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, Arafat and how he would end up, and more. We did. Nor can they tell you for sure who the Woman in Revelation is. We can and do. And, a whole lot more. But, on this site we can, and do, and will continue to tell you the events BEFORE they come to pass. Plus, those who are learning how to do the same are beginning to help us with the site. Maybe someday, even you will learn to understand the right way to grasp Bible prophecy.

Having said that, is there a prophecy in the Scriptures about what we are doing on this website? Well, glad you asked. Yes there is. And, you will find it below. It is quoted from the Bible in Basic English for easy reading. So, take a look, it explains the “behind the scenes” reason for our being here on

The quote is from Isaiah Chapter 42. Enjoy. And, oh, now you have even more reason than ever to keep in touch on this site. There is no reason to be ignorant about coming world events now.

Chapter 42 1 See my servant, whom I am supporting, my loved one, in whom I take delight: I have put my spirit on him; he will give the knowledge of the true Elohim to the nations.
2 He will make no cry, his voice will not be loud: his words will not come to men’s ears in the streets.
3 He will not let a crushed stem be quite broken, and he will not let a feebly burning light be put out: he will go on sending out the true word to the peoples.
4 His light will not be put out, and he will not be crushed, till he has given the knowledge of the true Elohim to the earth, and the sea-lands will be waiting for his teaching.
5 YHWH Elohim, even he who made the heavens, measuring them out on high; stretching out the earth, and giving its produce; he who gives breath to the people on it, and life to those who go about on it, says:
6 I YHWH have made you the vessel of my purpose, I have taken you by the hand, and kept you safe, and I have given you to be an agreement to the people, and a light to the nations:
7 To give eyes to the blind, to make free the prisoners from the prison, to let out those who are shut up in the dark.
8 I am YHWH; that is my name: I will not give my glory [i.e. My Name and its attributes] to another, or my praise to pictured images.
9 See, the things said before have come about, and now I give word of new things: before they come I give you news of them.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.