Apokalypsis on Steroids – Melchisedek

Wow. This sheds an entirely different light on these verses. Looks like I’m going back to the drawing board tonight. Thanks alot for getting my head to spin. Again. Dave

If you head is already spinning, I guess you are going to really get dizzy as we get further into the book.

So, just to help that along, let’s go ahead and tackle this.

Remember how many times I’ve said in the past that there is no church to join, or congregation, or group? The sidelight to that means that there is no ministry to guide, lead and or help us. Or, as happened in the past in too many cases, rule us.

I’ve often wondered why that insight was given before even understanding totally why.

If you remember, in the past there were priests in Israel and kings and citizens. The kings, like David, etc. were not the priests, and vice versus. So, we had a group of priests that led in the “religious” realm, and the kings lead in the “government” realm.

Then, after the Messiah there were ministers from Apostles to Deacons. That is, two groups doing two separate things. Ministry and member.

I don’t need to rehash the whole history of this as it as most have read enough of the Bible to understand this. In other words, in both old and new worlds we had a form of Levitical priesthood and Davidic governance.

Now, where does that leave us today? After our experience of being members, of whatever level, in “churches”. Well, something happened which left most former “members” in a vast void. Always wondering or questioning the “church” the “ministry”, etc. and what we should or could do about it. Were we now to be forever alone in our belief in the Messiah and His Father? It seemed so for most of us on this list, with two or three exceptions. And, here is something to think about, there are thousands of people out there looking and hoping and praying for something to happen again that will reinspire them and give them hope again. What it is they don’t know. Some even think it will be a new “church” with exciting inspiration again. But, this won’t be.

Back for a moment. As we all can see we are growing in what we do on the Internet. Yet, to me, this has all come about in a very strange way, and the way I always thought it SHOULD be.

Over the years, for example, a few people helped me in small ways because of the TV show. But, they all sort of dropped their interest when they found out I wasn’t starting a church nor had that intention. In fact, the brother of the wife of my friend Emory, the Hopi man who died, told my daughter that it wasn’t right that I was doing what I’m doing without a church or congregation behind it. He seemed to need that kind of support to make him think it was legitimate.

Anyway, one day a strange thing happened. I received a letter in the mail from someone I only knew of from a discussion list on the Internet. In the letter was a check and a comment. As I recall, it said something like this, “Bob, when I first read what you were saying on the list I wasn’t sure what you were about. Finally, though, I can now see what you were doing and why. So, I want to help you.” Wow! No requests, no warning, nothing! Someone was, as I had always believed it would be, willing to help on “their own” without any begging, cajoling, etc.

Later, another letter came in from another person. Then, another. None of them had been asked by me to help me. Somehow they began to see what was going on and somehow knew they wanted to help.

Someone else wrote that they had been “debating” about me for a couple of years, or something like that, and they decided it was time for them to jump in and help! Again, I don’t recall sending out any request to these people. AND, all of them plus more are on this list now.

How could this be? To put it in a way that first hit me, I said to myself, what’s going on here, these people don’t know me, they don’t even live near me, they are all over the country! Then it hit me, this was happening like I had always believed and hoped. People who did not need to be told. They somehow just KNEW what to do and did it on pure “inspiration”! And, I know where that inspiration comes from.

But, this was NOT the way a “church” worked. So, all this time, up until last week, I didn’t understand how this was to work for this final warning to the world by humans.

Here we had, in the past, a “levitical” system where the members had to have “elders” over them in some form or other.

Then, in our day that ran into major problems and virtually destroyed the faith of thousands, for a time. Then, we have another story in the Greek Scriptures that I never understood, until last week.

Let me give you the process as I went through it to see what I see today.

Here I was one morning reading the book of Revelation again. After finding the commentary I mentioned a few posts ago. And, as I was reading I read this:

And hath MADE US kings AND priests unto Elohim and his Father;” 1:6

What? Did I read that right? KINGS and PRIEST in ONE person, each of us?

This hit me like a brick. This was NOT a priesthood of a group of priests, and a separate group of kings, but both in one. Of course, you must also remember this could be translated hath made us, or makes us, a kingdom and priests.

But, as I thought this over, it hit me. This is/was a MAJOR change. From a group of priests and a group of kings running things to single individuals who were all of equal status. EACH was a KING/PRIEST. In other words, as it hit me, WE are each INDIVIDUAL king/priests just as our Messiah IS. It hit me, finally, that the Father and Son had changed their whole program given us before to teach us in “units”. i.e. by having a group of priests, or priesthood, we could see what they were to do, and the same with rulership by kings.

Sidelight: Remember in James where he says not to respect the wealthy over the one in poverty in the ecclesia? ie don’t give the special seat to the “wealthy” over the “poor“?

WHY? Because KING/PRIESTS are EQUAL to each other in “rank“.

So, why did someone out of the blue without begging begin to help financially, on their own? Simple. This was a KING/PRIEST seeing the work and effort of another KING/PRIEST and decided with the mind of a KING/PRIEST to help the other KING/PRIEST. Equal to equal. No one had to tell a KING/PRIEST what to do, they are the “ruler”, right? Then, other INDIVIDUAL king/priests on their own decided to join the other king/priests in funding this effort. And, even jumping in on an EQUAL basis to help run the Internet site, etc.

Thus, we, as KING/PRIEST respect each other as the KING/PRIEST that the Father has MADE us, or is making us. Individuals learning how to “rule”, finally, in the right way. I.e. making the decision ourselves, under inspiration, and by the indwelling of the ultimate KING/PRIEST named Melchisedek. That is the meaning of the Melchisedek priesthood“. They are not priests in a group, running with and doing the group demands, nor “kings” running with the government’s demands. No. Each person converted is a single Melchisedek priest/king serving WITH the First priest/king, our Elder Brother Yahshua

Look up yourself the verses about this priest/king and meditate on this as it relates to you and to us. With this kind of understanding, then there is never any reason whatsoever to play favorites among ourselves, or to look up to or down on another one whom the Father calls and converts. And, we don’t have to constantly try to call others to be part of what is being done. They will come of their own, and under the full inspiration of the Father.

Now, without dragging this out, since you king/priests are quite qualified now to figure these things out too, notice this. I believe something is going to happen soon to make or help what we are doing grow in an unbelievable way. Perhaps, it means that many who are now waiting for something to show up will start of their own will under inspiration to find us and join us in a truly miraculous group of people who are all equal under the Father and Son and can and will finally work together without the need of a “hierarchy” which failed many in the past.

So, remember how the Psalms MAY be connected to various years in this generation? Well, look at Psalm 110 which equates to the year Apr/2010.

Read it and tell me what you find showing up in 2010, IF there is any validity to the Psalm per year idea. We are in April, 2008 now. Of course, the 21st is the actual starting date I think. But, two years after “discovering” this idea, [last week] will we “break out” so to speak, in 2010? I don’t know, but the coincidences keep happening.

I hope I have explained what I saw clearly enough for you all to follow. Any comments? Bob

Just another point for everyone.

Remember the Psalm 110 for 2010? Well, it just so happens IF, read that closely IF, I am understanding this right, the first chapter of the book of Revelation starts also in 2010 to cover it’s 22 chapters one per year.

Whether this is so or not, it is an interesting coincidence that in chapter 1 is the mention of king/priest, and in Psalm 110 is the mention of Melchisedek, both showing up in the “same year?”

It seems to be true, at the moment, i.e. the particular books from Scripture that represent single years in the era we are living through. Of course, a bit more time should tell us if, and/or how true it is.

Let’s not get hung up on this idea as set in stone, but look at it as a tool that appears to be working at the moment. And, certainly not avoid the fact that if it holds up as we progress through the next two decades that it is real. Prove all things and hold fast to that which is correct, right?

By the way, at to the years as we think we see them now in the cycles I’ve mentioned, please remember that they are BENCHMARK years that may have to shift forward or backward as events unfold. It is a self-correcting set of years at the moment. I suspect that the upcoming 2010/12 time frame should help us adjust to more accuracy.

Even with the cycles as we see them at the moment, we certainly are in the ballpark in understanding what is going to happen when. I’d feel more comfortable though when we can at least pinpoint firstbase, or even better home plate. But, for now, just remember, we have now entered the ballpark so we can see the progress of the game no matter where we stand or sit.

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.