Hidden Religion Exposed!

Nations around the world NOW promoting Old Religion as “Rights”?

Believe it or not, the world is now under the sway of an ancient religion. That religion is often called the “goddess religion.” Yet, until now, no one has known what the real teaching was behind this religion.

This is a religion of many hidden teachings. And, it is disguised as anything but a religion. To start with, calling it a “goddess” religion immediately hides its inner teachings from the individual. Why? Simply because if it is a “goddess” religion, then it has nothing to do with modern understanding. It is just a “myth.” Why, don’t you know, lots of women kiddingly call themselves “goddesses.” Because of this, it can not possibly have anything to do with men, marriage, children, family, and the destruction of the family.

Yet, it is the most practiced religion in the world. In fact, all religions, sciences, schools, governments and individuals practice some form of this religion, whether they know it or not.

For instance, what do the following have in common, and what in the world do they have to do with the “goddess” religion? For, on the surface, there seems to be nothing in common.

Education, science, evolution, cloning, medicine, government, single sex marriages, abortion, religion, stem cell research, gay rights, artificial insemination, sperm banks, television, movies, test-tube babies, birth control, diet, sex change operations, reemergence of gnosticism, the Gnostic gospels, drugs, medicines, witchcraft, legal moves against the Bible, etc. etc.

The common denominator of these and other things is simply this: They all are under the sway of the “goddess” religion teachings. And, these teachings are NEVER taught as religion. They are taught as rights, laws, science, education, etc. All methods again, to hide what this religion is and what it teaches. None of these terms would cause someone to think, oh, this is a religion.

Over the next coming days, weeks, and months, if not years, we will be showing you what this goddess religion is, how it works, and why you have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

Let’s start with these quotes as an introduction. These are quotes from the “inner” teachings of those behind closed doors who encourage people to practice this goddess religion through science, law, government, religion etc. But, without ever teaching them what the real teaching behind the goddess religion is. For the moment, I am not going to publish the names mentioned, except by initials. But, you will notice, these quotes come from a Dr. (the medical profession), a minister (the religious profession), and a lawyer (the legal profession). They are all in this, whether they understand or not, yet.

Dr. W.S., writing in How to Live magazine of February, 1935, says: ‘If modern society was not controlled by Money Kings whose henchmen govern our educational institutions, the press, the church, etc. Professor H.H. would be considered as one of the greatest SCIENTISTS of our day. For in his marvelous course of P.G.O., he presents a discovery that is fully as great as that made by Dr. Charles Darwin, — in fact, greater, because it is truer, viz., that instead of springing from lower beings (apes), Man descended from Superhuman Beings — The Gods of the Ancients. If the SCIENTIFIC world possessed the intelligence to appreciate this discovery, the name of H.H. would be placed in the shining galaxy of mankind’s intellectual geniuses.’

Lawyer C. F. W., of Houston, Texas, writing in How to Live magazine of November, 1934, remarks: ‘In my opinion, there has never been a man with a deeper understanding of the Riddle of Life than Professor H.H. His P-G course of O. is the most wonderful work that I have ever read or studied, and I have been studying without a stop for twenty-two years. His explanation of Biblical history and his interpretation of Biblical passages have opened a new world to me out of a mass of tangled matter, neither understood nor making sense.’

Mrs. Rev. R. O. of New York, in her letter addressed to Professor H. H., writes: ‘The profound truth contained in Chapter 53… touched me very deeply; in fact I had to weep for awhile. It is so sad that humanity wanders in such darkness, as shown by this course.’

So, what was/is that teaching? It is the teaching from the “goddess” religion. Yet, when you read the following you will wonder why it is called the “goddess” religion and not something else. The reason is this. No one without explanation would ever connect this teaching with a “goddess.” That’s why it has been hidden so long from the public, especially those who try to understand Revelation 17 and 18. They think this woman is the Roman Catholic Church. It is much “higher” than that and includes ALL religions, etc. For all those in positions of authority know this teaching, practice it, and promote it secretly. If they didn’t can you imagine the turmoil caused if their followers knew this is what the real teaching was?

Let’s get on with it, then. Here is the basic core teaching of the “goddess” religion.

Dr. W.S., of New York, says: ‘In Professor H. H. …. Course is revealed a mass of knowledge so startling, so revolutionary, and so original, that one who has gone through it must declare that it is the greatest work he has ever read. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest contributions to anthropology, archeology, history and religion that has been made in modern times.

Each lesson of this marvelous course grows more and more interesting. It is a most remarkable and revolutionary body of information. The following facts are revealed.

1. That man did not evolve from the ape, but degenerated from a previous race of Supermen or Gods. [This is why, as you will see, that the Governments of the world are legally putting a religion into place under the guise of promoting the “rights” of people who are breaking ancient mores of civilization. If they said it was a religion, then they could not promote it as is being done today, for example in the Congress of the U.S. and the parliaments of Canada and other nations.]
2. That the Gods of antiquity were a race of superior human beings who were our remote ancestors; and that the ‘Sons of God’ represented a more inferior race which degenerated from the previous race of Gods. The race of men represents a still greater degeneration.
3. That originally there was only one sex, not two, and that these superior, fruitful beings reproduced parthenogenetically, by virgin birth. In other words, the virgin Birth was the normal method of reproduction in the early days of the race. Through degeneration, the male sex appeared, and then came sexual generation, with sexual debauchery.
4. Woman still possesses the latent capacity for virgin birth, manifesting in the development of ‘dermoid cysts’, or malformed embryos, in virgins, which is recognized by the medical world.
5. Originally the embryo is HERMAPHRODITIC. Through degeneration, imperfect males and imperfect females come into being. The PERFECT PERSON that once existed before the race degenerated, was like the embryo in its early stages of development. Only through degeneration did the two imperfect sexes arise.

These are a few of the high points of the marvelous teachings of this course, which reveals knowledge not to be found in our modern schools and colleges.’ [Until our day when the colleges are full of this kind of teaching.] — Dr. W. S.

Well, there you have the core teaching. And, all the categories listed above have this one thing in common, they are all intent on destroying the family, so that mankind can evolve BACK to a HERMAPHRODITIC state. Thus, with this teaching, one can excuse practices today that were totally forbidden in early days of our societies. For you see, they will tell you it is not stoppable for it is the process of evolution returning us back to the once perfect state, the two sexes in one state. Then, as you will see, once mankind gets back to that point, then through more perfect living, these two sexes in one humans, will become gods again. The perfect god of two in one.

By the way, it is such a she/man that will sit in the Temple in Jerusalem one day proclaiming that he/she has reached that stage and is now elohim.

This is the “lie” Paul said TWO MILLENIA ago, that the world would come to believe. I suggest you read his writing on this subject in chapter 2 of II Thessalonians.

More next time:

Author: Bob Petry

Student of the Bible since 1953. And am still learning.